The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Ello!

    I am a proud, newbie in town - and hope to meet every single one of you sooner or later...

    That was very geeky..

  • Hello, Gamers or Developers.

    I'm a fresh meat. Nice to meet all of you and hope that you guys can guide me to perform better in this Construct 2.

    I'm not a programmer and I'm bad in coding.

    But I can do some designs tho.

    Anyway, looking forward to talk to each of you all out there soon.

    Best Regards.

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  • Hello Guys, my name is Berto and I'm from Bolivia. I've been developing apps in Xcode for IOS for a while. Recently I got insterested in developing games, read a lot about it and found so many good comments about Construct 2 that I decide to give it a try.

    Hope to be in contact soon.

  • My name is Joelle Reid and I'm from Ohio I heard this website from Google searching for the addicting game Pou after someone stole my phone out from my backpack I'm in fourth grade

  • Hello Im from Guadalajara Mexico, I love to make videogames, most of all videogame design and art!

  • hi my name is arle and i am looking to make a game that hits it big on the web and app from nyc 30 years of age male

  • Hi, my name is Robinson, I'm looking for the way how to make HTML 5 game without programming because I am not a coder. I want to build a site that contains only HTML5 game for free.


  • Hiya,

    I'm from London.

  • 中国的同学有吗

  • hello im kecupak

    im czech beginner

  • I'm Jennifer and I teach web design at a local public high school. I found out about Construct 2 at a career education event hosted by Unum Provident about careers in the IT field.

  • Name's Stanly.

    Started with free C2 version from Steam. Liked it a lot. Now I own personal license Construct2.

    I have many ideas. And I want to realize them with my hard work and Construct2.

  • Hi. My name is Tarmizi from Malaysia. I am very new to mobile game development and i'm here to learn. Glad to make friends in this forum. Advices and tips are appreciated

    Current goal: Finishing my lesson on Construct at Udemy

  • Hi im Matej Kusekovic,I'm 13 and i want to be game designer

    I heard about Construct 2 from Croatian game design school-Machina ()

  • I am boy very smart and creative

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