The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • I found this through Game Dev Study Group on in San Francisco, CA

    I don't have any experience in coding/programming.

    Miniscule exp in graphic design, music production.

    I really like Creative Writing.

    Basically I'm in over my head trying to make games by myself. But I really, really want to make games...not by myself.


  • Hi ! Hi ! Hi!

  • Hello, as is customary on a lot of forums I'm going to introduce myself!

    I'm known on the internet by the name of Draczar and for the past 3 years I've been a Community Moderator for Extra Credits (I call myself an Internet Janitor, which is both more accurate to the role and less flashy) I heard about Construct 2 from my good friend Ikono who is admin of the Extra Credits community website.

    I'll be using Construct 2 to refresh my skills in game making, I've been quite out of practice for a while! Hopefully I'll be working on a collectible card game, turn based RPG in my spare time in order to hone my skills!

  • o guys sorry I didnt introduce my self.

    my name is Carlo Andrei Mercado I am interactive media designer, I am from Colombia, I am 24 years old, I studied in ICESI University in Cali.

    i like to work a lot of in platformers, metroidvania, coop, rpgs, and fighting game

    here is my deviant art page

    and my portfolio page.

    if some one need help with something or need how to i did something tell me i will help you.

    I work as concept artist and illustrator, but I love working on texturing and animation.

    in Level Plus Game Stuido S.A.S

    see ya and great work scirra.

    construct 2 is best 2D engine for me

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  • Hi guys,

    I study CS at University of Karachi, just beginner in developing apps, and starting game development just right now, from here... I found this engine very user friendly and may be the best 2d game sdk out there...

    So , game development here I come

  • hi,

    Am from Kenya, have learnt about Counstruct2 tonight, its 1:18am here and can't wait to develop my first games. Thank you Construct2.

  • hi

  • Name: Marcus Hernes Davidsen

    Age: 18

    Current Project: Banzaria

    Progress: 10%

    About me: Im a 18 year old man looking to make a game called Banzaria. The game is set the medieval times and its an MMORPG.

  • eae vou criar um jogo de rpg

  • Hello!

    My name is Felipe, i've studied game development for 3 years, and now i want to work with it

  • eu vou fazer um jogo dahora

  • Hello, my name is Chad. I bought Construct 2 on Steam because I thought it would be fun to dabble in. I am in NC.

  • Hi, I am Donna. I am from Little Rock, AR and heard about Construct 2 in my Digital Game design glass

  • Hola!! bueno soy NEW en esto ndams les dire que VOY A HACER EL MEJOR JUEGO DE TODOS LOS TIEMPOS Y LUEGO LO PASARE A 3D

  • Ello!

    I am a proud, newbie in town - and hope to meet every single one of you sooner or later...

    That was very geeky..

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