What games inspire you?

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    actually games that really inspires me are games i made with pencil and paper when i was younger, impossible mazes, rpgs that you have to calculate how much damage done to hp mentally, and something like the sims, you have to work to eat and play and travel around, army games, chess and a lot of others....

    The games I am inspired by:

    Great giana sisters

    Turrican 2

    Great computer songs composed by CHRIS HUELSBECK

    Street Fighter series

    Final Fight

    All original Resident Evil Series


    Rick Dangerous

    Super Mario Series

    Well there are plenty but above is the main list for me

    Tetris..Till this day no game inspired me that much..

    I may as well share my inspirations.

    My biggest inspirations for wanting to make games is Noitu Love and Noitu Love 2, The Iconoclasts, Terraria, Shovel Knight, the Shantae series, pretty much any sort of 2D platform made with nothing but pixel art are my biggest inspirations.

    fable, fallout 3, mass effect, bioshock infinite


    Ah yes Noitu Love 2 is my inspiration that drive me to start making games. Love the cartoony jokes from the creator, funny & entertain.

    Shadow of the Colossus, but I'll never come close...

    The Final Fantasy franchise in general was one of the big building blocks for me. Those games where one of the reasons why I am actually now pursuing music career. I played a Final Fantasy concert in high school with my friends =P Oh the years of my life...

    This is a question that really evolves with me. Currently, the games that inspire me are: Dark souls, Destiny, and Super time force.

    Each with their own ways of hitting certain notes for me. Dark souls as a gamer and developer is now a pillar of game design for me. It does everything so very right. I still haven't beaten the game but easily have over 200 hours in it on console and pc.

    Destiny inspires me art wise. It is truly a beautiful world to look at, the environments, the sky boxes, the weapons and enemies. The art is top notch.

    Super time force really inspired me pixel art wise and unique game play-wise. Genius concept with a pretty funny story to go with it. I like the effects of the pickups, its like a neon party going on when its crazy. Easily one of the most fun games I have ever played in my life.

    Some shout outs to Zelda, Pokemon, MGS:2, Pax Imperia:Eminent Domain, Diablo 2, Phantom Crash and Dungeon Defenders. They have shaped the way I think about games significantly.

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    surprisingly enough, the game that is inspiring me the most as a game designer right now is Huniepop.

    I love the legend of zelda series, one of them is Minish cap.

    Yeah, I would try to build games vertically. That is to say, I would fully flesh out one area at a time, the first town, the first area, do all the monsters, spells, etc. for that one section, then on to the next one.

    Games that used to make me spend my last coin just to play them one more time.

    My inspiration is a game i played a while back, fallout tactics, combined with another couple of games i played on android. My current proyect is a combination of all those games.

    Rayman and Crash Bandicoot <3

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