What games inspire you?

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    Noitu Love 2 inspired me to make games... but after the fact that there are ways to pull games of such great quality without even dipping into programming language. And also Ikaruga made me want to make my games as such as this beauty of shmups!

    Super Meat Boy, Megaman ,Castlevania SOT

    As games that kinda set the bar for their respective genres, at least to me:


    Final Fantasy Tactics

    Mario 3

    Zelda: A link to the Past

    Unreal Tournament

    Tactics Ogre games inspired me with some of their approach to tactical games.

    Temple of Elemental Evil show me that a good tactical game is highly appreciated by a lot of people around the world

    Front Mission games show me the ability to do customization help to make the player bond to their characters in the game

    and 4e DnD mistakes demonstrate to me the fallacy of stats boost feats

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    As a gamer and developer, i think the following are worth to mention: The Neverhood, Blocks That Matter, Tetrobot and Co, Fez, Knytt Underground and Limbo.

    Yay for the Neverhood I backed Armikrog before I even finished reading the Kickstarter page!

    Games made by big companies Like Rovio, EA games, Supercell, etc...

    Old games such as Atari Breakout, Namco Pac-Man and Nintendo Tetris. I'm also inspired with old PC games such as PopCap Bejeweled, GameHouse Collapse, and Raptisoft Chuzzle.

    And also, Rovio Angry Birds, EA Boom Blox, Munkado Bouncy Mouse and Halfbrick Fruit Ninja.

    Also some old Finnish indie games like

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    this is my first post and i am just starting development on an idea but i'm not ready to let it into the interwebs of the universe yet. But can anyone remember a game where you are a stic man running around collecting lollipops? its poorly done but highly addicting you also have trampolines to get on a sky scraper and in the first level if you go left there's a bus that i for the life of my could not get on top of it even if jumping from the sky scraper. this is the game that inspired me to be a gamer and developer.

    In order of impact on my desire to develop games:

    • Morrowind
    • Freelancer
    • Elite
    • Diablo I

    See if you can guess which element/s of these games I've been influenced by, .

    There are so many games that inspire me - some for their graphics, some for their sound, some for their easy casual pick-up-and-play style etc...

    Of late, some of the coolest graphics I've seen design-wise, are:

    Back to Bed

    • Cool 3D graphics in a surreal Dali-inspired setting.

    Little Big Planet 1+2

    • Not really new games, but it's so inspiring just opening them and playing through a few levels. There's also some extremely nice game mechanics, and everything is balanced so perfectly neat; from the controls/steering to the level difficulties.


    • So cool; extremely creative 2D-platformer style. Really shows a great alternative the more classic approach with pixel-graphics, and that many colors are not always needed.

    Original Prince of Persia, ICO, Shadow of the Colossus, Dark Souls, to name a few

    I love 2D platformers more than pretty much anything. Mega Man, Castlevania, Metroid, more recent titles like Guacamelee, Moon Diver...heck, I'm even a huge Terraria fan. Those are the kinds of games I want to make...but with my own characters.

    lots of gamejolt/kongregate stuff i looked into the last few days. Lots of great concepts out there!

    My main inspirations are: Elite, Starlancer, Freelancer, Wing Commander and Morrowind. The main factors of these games that I love are the depth, setting and lore, and free-form game-play. You want to go there? Go there. Make a life, get a job, earn credits/gold, upgrade what you want, help who you want, kill who you want. See that ruin? Read about it's past glory days in a book in the library in your home town. Ultimate freedom of choice, ultimate passive storytelling, ultimate immersion possibility.

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