What games inspire you?

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    There are probably 2 games that inspired me so far:

    Bayonetta & Phoenotopia.

    Loved those games with all my heart.

    Those two gave me practical ideas on what type of game I wanted to make.

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    Max Payne. There are few games like this out there. It's unique. When I was very young, my friend who was much older than me, gave it to me and said, "Here, Max Payne, hell of a game!". I said, "Yep! "

    Nothing has changed since then)

    Legend of zelda: breath of the wild

    Mario games.


    every one have own taste i like slither.io

    Never got to understand Legend of zelda: breath of the wild, Metal Gear inspired me a lot though.

    The atari ET game

    Almost is Nintendo's game. Design character and ideal.

    Rocket League and Overwatch

    Contra [the classic 1987 ] , Undertale , Flash games and more

    3 kinds and 3 from each

    Retro/90s: DOOM 2, Plok, System Shock 2

    Indie: Hotline Miami, Notrium, LF2

    Post 2000s: Halo CE, Lone Echo, Fallout 4 VR

    My inspirations are;

    * Re-Volt

    * All Konami's NES / FC games

    * All of Hudson's NES / FC games

    * All of Nintendo's NES / FC games

    Hotline Miami 1, 2; Gods will be watching.


    Witcher 3

    Fallout 3

    I'm inspired by really good puzzle type games like Tetris despite never successfully making one. But they inspire me to fail at the effort nonetheless.

    And big grand sweeping RPG games too. I got really far on one in RPGMaker 2 for PS@, but ran out of memory and got too depressed to try and make it work. I'm hoping to remake it for Construct 2 despite the issues I already foresee (2D vs 3D, and my own inability to be clever with arrays, and that sort of thing).

    Braid and Machinarium are super inspiring. They provoke the deepest emotions to unhide. Great plot+graphics.

    PS: I can't understand people who are inspired by Mario (nevertheless, it's a super game)

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