What would be your dream game (to make)?

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  • If you had all the time, money, team members and skills that you'd need, what game would you love to make? (If your game has a special mechanic or something, be wary of posting it incase someone borrows it, if you aren't ok with that!)

    Personally, I would love to make something like Devil May Cry 3. Something fast, tight and responsive with sick combos.

  • I would love to make an ego shooter, cause I guess I have a somehow unique idea for that genre.

    Too bad I suck at 3D^^well...perhaps....sometime...

  • I second the DMC-style game. Something along the craziness of MGR Revengeance and depth of DMC4, but that's just crazy to dream of doing alone.

    Currently I'm making a game that imitates Telltale's point and click approach, but with more player freedom of exploration and not just cutscene after another with only freedom of choice. Sadly this project isn't made with Scirra2. I'll start making my own fighting game after I've done a portion of my current project. The fighter/beat em up will have a rather different style, combining arcade beat em up's style with Diablo 3 with hotkeys for skills that you also can combo. Also constant movement. Either you move, jump or attack. There are no pauses, and there will be scenarios where you rack up points just by running through waves of weak enemies on high speeds.

    I'll go back to dreaming instead of doing.

  • 2d game (but appears like 3d) if you understand me ....

  • I'm making it right now.

    Courier is really what I both want to make and want to play. I just wish I were in a position to work on it full time.

  • C-7 - yay for following dreams Courier looks gorgeous.

    Hasuak - What are you building your game in? I am super into Telltale games these days!

  • I have a few that I would love to make in a more modern style:


    Dragon Breed

    Blaster Master

    Castlevania 2

    Wanderer of Y's

  • the official "Dungeon Keeper 3"

    So, I do only need to add "the licence" to the list above

  • I would love to make an ego shooter, cause I guess I have a somehow unique idea for that genre.

    Too bad I suck at 3D^^well...perhaps....sometime...

    FPS Creator

  • burningcake

    I already tried that, but it´s way to unstable and limited

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  • Unity's probably the easiest option if you want to get into 3D, BTW.

  • Beaverlicious Definitely Unity3D as ChrisAlgoo said.

  • BluePhaze

    Yeahh, I read a lot about Playmaker as an intuitive mechanic...I may give it a try in the future

  • I'm making one now. It's a top-down shooter in the vain of the original 'Call of Mini' but with some tower defense elements and possibly multiplayer. I've got a pretty food engine running to handle it but I'm a horrible artist so I've hit a stop there. It's taking a lot longer now.

    I also second R-type. It's an amazing game.

  • I honestly don't know. I have ideas for many things I want to make, some of them definitely out of my reach for now, but which would be my dream project.... I have no idea All of them maybe? And whichever ones would come after?

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