What would be your dream game (to make)?

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  • I wan't to be able to explore replayability in terms of plot. Also I'm a huge fan of Diablo-type games.

    I dream of doing an action rpg loot game with randomized story just as it has randomized dungeons/levels.

  • Something between Front Mission and Frozen Synapse maybe?

    Sort of turn based strategy with synchronous action during the gameplay.

  • I would definitely do something like DMC series, but it would be with RPG elements. I don't mean grinding for gold and better gear I mean "Witcher" sample. Player would have choices to make and there would be many different variations and endings. Ah... what a dream...

  • I would really love to make an update to the Bad Dudes acrade game by Data East. One of my all-time favorite 80s games. Are YOU bad? I'm bad. Badder than Michael Jackson!

  • Mine would be the Next Star Wars Battlefront...I Loved that game,

    The Vehicles, Space Combat, Co Op, Was Great

  • Something like an RPG with combat inspired by paper mario, but deals with a more 'Souls' style story.

    That or a medieval gunstar heroes.

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  • Now that I think about it, I think a game similar to dragon crystal/fatal labyrinth (master system and megadrive) would be my choice, but more like eternal quest on ps2 for the mechanics.

    I know it is one of the least popular type of game though.

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