What would be your dream game (to make)?

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  • Dream game? Something sort of weird amalgamation of pokemon, digimon, and magination. Additive gameplay, easy ability to spawn sequels or new versions, in some cases a ton of replay ability, sells like hotcakes.

  • I would love to make a 3D Real Time Strategy Game Like Age Of Empires Or StarCraft

  • What ? Not sure... maybe a Monster Hunter Pocket, huh ?

    The point is mobile game seems like it is climbing faster than computer game.

  • Simple for me... an apocalyptic game like Stalker but with more survival and stealth for sneaking around (ala Far Cry1).

  • Pokemon, TF2, SimCity, Spore and all the other great games all in one!

  • rpg like diablo 2 with a bit more diversity.

    and 3D - mass effect like game / triology.

  • C-7 amazing looking game! Will definitely up vote that! How many games have you made before?

  • I'm making one of those right now!

  • A cartoonish and cute clone of Block Breaker 2 Deluxe, a new sequel for my breakout-style game, Brick Breaker X. Featuring new characters and worlds.

    EDIT: I've decided to make the tower defense game later.

  • I would love to create an game app like Angry birds as I love playing that game .

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  • I've posted it a couple of hours ago on tisgsource so... just copy and paste

    'd like to see (or develop, if I could have a lot time Tongue) a multiplayer strategic game like Medieval Total War, where each player can choose which aspect of the same faction manage...

    As an example, player A pick faction 1 and wants to manage everything by himself (diplomatic, military, economic, etc); player B and C pick faction 2 and player B wants to manage economical aspects, while player C chooses military, and they demand all other aspects (diplomatic, exploring, ...) to the AI; player D picks faction 3 and wants to manage only military side, while all other aspects are demanded to the AI... and so on.

  • Something like Planescape: Torment, preferably with better graphics and combat mechanics. And without walls of text. Well...

  • I want to make so many different kinds of games....

  • C-7 amazing looking game! Will definitely up vote that! How many games have you made before?

    Sorry I didn't see this sooner! 2 smaller finished games, 2 larger unfinished games (one a result of hard drive failure when I was younger, one a result of funding issues and limitations of Construct Classic).

  • Something like Gothic 1 and Gothic 2 with an extremely large openworld and cool graphics)

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