What would be your dream game (to make)?

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  • A metroid-vania style game where all the diverse weapons and loot actually did unique things, instead of just being window-dressing. So, this weird weapon can destroy this seemingly invincible monster, this one can clear that rockslide, etc. Probably wouldn't be terribly balanced, but it would be a helluva lot of fun!

    The other one: a CPS2/Neo-Geo style bullet hell shooter with near-pixel level destruction (like cortex command).

  • i want to make 3D mmorpg that people can escape their lives and start to fun in their virtual world.

    1. low graphics so everyone can play

    2. weapons range from swords to fps guns to sorcery books

    3. you can obtain anything in the game by grinding not paying, including classes, skills

    4. inactiveness will cause your level and other stats to drop until they reach 0.

    (as players with full level have no motivation to play.)

  • 2D game But with 3D apear i call this "fantom 3d"

  • First of all hello there guys, I'm new!

    I recently found out about the possibility to make games with construct 2. I already started planning my precious dream game, although my knowledge about this tool is very small.

    It's gonna be an RPG platformer game, and I'm so excited to get started wohoo!

    I'm sure you'll read more of me on the forums soon, hehe

  • I would love to put together a game that's based on some of those crazy Anime shows out there. They have really great ideas and structures that fun games could be built upon too!

  • I would love to do a 'Dungeon Village' clone but wouldn't have the first idea where to start.

  • Any one remember an older game that started on arcade called sunset riders?

    Would like to do a more updated western in that side-scrolling shoot-em-up style.

    Also something like Streets of Rage. Mainly fell in love with 2 and the level design. I like that fast paced beat-em-up that actually uses more than 2 buttons, but not overly complicated.

  • And I've seen the 3d plugin here, would like to make a hidden object/adventure game that lets you actually walk around the rooms and explore, instead of just clicking a flat picture. Then the puzzles can be more elaborate, like push and pull, ringtoss, ect..

    One day this could evolve into a bigger more realistic 4k resolution game.

    Think GTA, but as a detective finding clues and solving puzzles on how to send the demon back to hell.

    Ok, GTA meets Hellraiser.

  • A sandbox storytelling ARPG. The story change which each gameplay. The story and the npcs even continue the plot even if a player is not present.

    Like an succesful siege of a town which install a new ruler if the player doesn't interfere since she's busy doing side quests.

  • if i had the money, resources, team and skills i would create a game LIKE

    mass effect. maybe even a full trilogy with more items, enemies, worlds to explore, more missions, better story, overall epicness of the main quest etc.. ofc it would take forever and i can't wait me4. needles to say me is one of my best games ever (maybe even the best) (if we include the extended cut endings instead of colored ones )

  • my dream game to make.. a flying UFO that shoots in aliens... and do stuff... already built it kidding 1 BIG AAA game doesn't matter what is the category or type of game play . it must be mmorpg like. and have fluffy things inside,:))

  • its very simple you can get and download any type off apps free from: Createnyfreeapp.com, without any coding..

  • My dream game would be a totally skill based MMO, in an open world setting. No character levels. All skills learned and all character progression would be completely integrated in the world. Could be any style for any platform, but the main focus should be on exploration and character progression. Maybe something like a crossover between Minecraft (Unlimited generated world) and Asassins creed. Stories and quests should be generated by the game it self, so there's never a lack of anything to do. That's my dream game, just need a couple of millions to make it happen :p

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  • I would love to make a game like Might and Magic 6-8, the 8th one is probably the game I have most vivid memories of playing. It was such fun back then and still is.

  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

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