Construct Classic r2 released

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  • Download Construct Classic r2

    Link to previous build (r1.2) changelog

    As you may know, Construct Classic has always been developed for free by volunteers. Scirra's focus is now on Construct 2, so it is now mostly developed by volunteers from the community. However, Scirra still helps with the build engineering and distribution. Many thanks particularly to lucid this build for several changes and helping test the beta builds. Other developers have also contributed, and they are credited in the changelog below.


    • [FIX]Fixed an issue with large projects which caused slight, but compounding slowdown per additional layout(Ashley)
    • [FIX]Fixed a memory leak that occurred when resizing a render target like canvas or the application window(lucid)
    • [ADD]Added new collision type, Angled Box, like bounding box that rotates with the object instead of enlarging to encompass the rotated object(lucid)


    • [ADD]Canvas: Added distort maps. (lucid)
    • [ADD]Sprite/Line/Panel/Box: Added Angled Box collision mode(lucid)
    • [ADD]Light Object: Added actions to set height and width.(lucid)
    • [ADD]Text Object: Added an action to set wordwrap on or off(lucid)
    • [ADD/FIX]XBox360Controls: Added set and get deadzone actions, so one can set deadzones for the analog sticks. Also, having the deadzone set to at least it's (imperceptably small) default value fixes a problem where the controller would register movement in unintended directions when the analog stick was close to the center.(lucid)
    • [FIX]Panel Object: fixed a problem where panels would not appear in the correct position when stretched or squashed(lucid)
    • [FIX]Panel Object: fixed a problem where a panel's collision/visibility box would be in the incorrect position when stretched or squashed(lucid)
    • [FIX]Function Object: fixed a performance issue where calling functions through expressions ran much slower than calling them through actions (lucid/Ashley)


    • [FIX]Platform Behavior: ACE had duplicate names for several gravity expressions so you couldn't retrieve all the values(JayJay/FrenchYann)
    • [FIX]ShadowCaster Behavior: Set Activated action didn't work(lucid)
    • [FIX]Platform Behavior: Fixed a crash when platform behavior attempted to set animations to any object other than sprite(lucid)
    • [FIX]Drag and Drop Behavior: had an issue where an object with deactivated drag and drop behavior on top of another would prevent the one underneath from being dragged. (lucid)
    • [ADD]Drag and Drop Behavior: Added ability to set at edittime whether the object will continue dragging while mouse is outside the window.(lucid)
    • [ADD]Drag and Drop Behavior: Added ability to force a drag start or a drop. Also ability to force ignore drag movement, so you can ignore current mouse movement temporarily without dropping the object. Also, added source code to SVN(lucid)


    • [FIX] Ceil was rounding up when it shouldn't. (R0J0hound)
    • [FIX] AngleDiff was failing in some situations and returning -1.#IND. (R0J0hound)


    • [ADD]Added helper functions to the SDK to make it easy to create looping conditions.(lucid)
    • [FIX] The runtime function GenerateCollisionMaskFromTexture was causing a crash if called twice on the same texture. (R0J0hound)
  • Many, many thanks, guys. This is more than appreciated.

    I'm more excited about this than about new C2 builds :)

    Just a quick update to say it's working great upto now on my newly built Win7 PC :)

  • classic still kickin

    i hope we get more upgrades for the classic

    nice job

  • Great job. I wait for the day when C2 will be on par with Classic feature-wise :) Will WebGL be the way to go ? Let's see.

  • Thanks a lot guys, this is awesome!

  • Wow, thank you to everyone involved.

  • Very nice, thanks for the upgrade!

    Just wondering, but if I start using this for a project I'm well into, will certain things not work correctly like how you see in much older builds of Classic?

  • awesome.. thnx :D <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • ...Just wondering, but if I start using this for a project I'm well into, will certain things not work correctly like how you see in much older builds of Classic?

    , in the unlikely scenario that your project depends on line object collision being bounding box. The general consensus was that this was mostly useless for the line object, so it's not an option, the only collision type now is angled_box.   The panel, box, and sprite objects still have the option for bounding box collision.

    The only other problem I can see is if you had panel objects that you purposefully misplaced because of the old bug, so they would appear in the right place, you'll have to move them to where they are actually supposed to be.

  • Great, thanks for all the effort! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Devs credited should have an honor badge.

    Just sayin'.

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  • Oh wow, this is awesome =D Thanks guys!

  • Big big big thankyou to all who worked on this release!

  • Thanks for this! Some day CC will be perfect!

  • Great news. Thanks to all people, and specially to Lucid.

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