Construct Classic r2 released

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  • PhoeNYX

    I made a python library called Capreader that allows you to open cap files. If you PM me the cap I can use it to salvage what I can. It all depends on what point got corrupted in the file.

  • I have just begun using CC r2.

    My project is a physics platformer. I have to say, CCr2 is behaving extremely well for now. I was making it in C2, but I want my project to be a desktop app, and using those shady wrappers makes me itch.

    Of course, I'm mostly prototyping for now, but most of what I want concerning physics is already implemented, so I'm quite sure I can make it in CCr2 without too much hassle.

    Yes, the interface is a major step back and some things are just weird (the project folder view is hidden by default?), but that is what we get and we can change it if we mess with the source code.

    All in all, CCr2 is still relevant despite what has been said about it being ancient, has all the tools we need to make a decent game (just the plugins in existence make it insanely powerful!). Of course, we need to make almost constant backups, but there's an option for that.

    I wonder how many people are messing with CCr2's code at this point. I just might put my hands on it, though I know almost nothing of C++...

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  • I would say that considering the last commit was nearly 3 years ago, this project, sadly ,is totally dead. Plus there are far too many issues to make it worthwhile trying to fix or tweak CC.

    It is a great shame, as CC is what made me buy an early adopter license for C2 in the hope we would get something similar but less buggy. Unfortunately, the target is totally geared towards mobiles which I think are slowly killing gaming with their awful IAP and ad monetisation schemes.

    Anyway, enough of the old man babbling

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