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  • Can't be deactivated for now, will look into adding an option.

  • Hey Tom

    Just wanted to ask a few questions.

    Can you please tell an approximate date when links in the old forum posts are going to be fixed? They're not accessible right now and look like broken url tags.

    Download links in the tutorial section on scirra.com are broken too and I can't find these tutorials (including my own) on the new site. My question regarding these issues is the same as previous.

  • Not a massive fan of word-break being to set break-all - is this intentional? I can't think of many situations where this would be a desired effect

  • Tom

    When will the tutorials be added to Construct.net or fixed on scirra?


    I've been trying to look into multiplayer, but the tutorial is useless since the images are broken.

  • Images now back up and working (if they 404 still do a hard refresh Ctrl+F5)

  • Right, so on the Scirra.com server a Windows update deleted a registry key that caused the website to fail silently after a random number of minutes. This has been taking up all my time over last several days trying to fix, but it should all now be working fine!

  • I don't mind new look, but I do mind one thing.

    In my profile I would like to see that I've been here for last 9 years instead of this "28 Mar, 2017 First Seen". I just like to remind and motivate myself looking on that "over 9 years" and thinking "dammn" ;)

    ps. also I would like to preview my posts before posting them :P

  • nothing left?

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  • There was an announcement a few weeks ago, that private messaging will soon be removed from the forums. So yeah, all PM messages are now lost.

  • Oh good, there's already a thread. Since there will never be feature updates for everyone who paid for Construct 2 (and all it's free updates >.>), is there any reason the offline manual can't be updated to it's most final and accurate form? Not 4.5+ years old?

  • The design and layout of the new website is terrible, not just the forum but the whole website. The colour scheme is jarring (red for subheadings?) The layout is messy with too many different coloured elements and too much variation in font size and weight. I think the use of fonts site-wide isn't great, there isn't a good balance between boldened, regular and finely weighted fonts.

  • Amazes me that we, the costumers, are saying that this was a major stepback and yet, no words on this.

    I KNOW we, humans, don't take changes easily, but JESUS CHRIST. Making everything ENORMOUS, HUGE SPACED and OMFG GREEN AND PINKY is really bad.

    Also, everything STILL broke. Links, formatting and etc. Have you guys swapped by mistake, before complete tests? Man, at least C2 is more consistent.

  • There was an announcement a few weeks ago, that private messaging will soon be removed from the forums. So yeah, all PM messages are now lost.

    Man... are you sure?

    Jesus freaking Christ.

    I think they could starting to revamp forums too.

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  • Yes, the spacing and colours are wrong, not the end of the world.

    Formatting and links are ready to be fixed but not pushing the update out until Monday.

    PM's have now all been deleted, and the feature removed as announced a couple of weeks ago. This is largely due to GDPR and the fact we don't want to facilitate private conversations on this website anymore (you can do it elsewhere).

  • Will rep/profile views/join date all be reset as well? I imagine that kind of stuff isn't at the top of y'all's priority list, but still kinda sad to see it all go away if it does

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