So What Is Your First Impression Of C3?

  • The behavior window is confusing. What's the add button?

    I agree and made a report about it yesterday. I saw earlier where Ashley said he was going to update it. I just wonder whether it was a design choice or an oversight. I mean, what did they think people would do when they clicked the Behaviors link and saw a blank pop-up box? Automatically know to double-click or right-click the space to add a behavior? I usually call this app a kid-friendly engine, but that's not good interface design for anyone.

  • Lets just not bash the developers away from the development of construct engine

    instead providing feedback and replies should be more then enough all are futures depend on it in some way if we are to use construct

    and the developers too but their making it instead : ) .

  • What features are missing? I get that you can't use them because it's locked to free edition right now, but they are going to be ready for testing in the last week. We're confident at the end of the beta everything will be working great and we'll be comfortable to start selling it.

    Tom I love how it looks at the moment and I've played around with it but I must admit I'd be better if we could just load our current projects in construct 3 and play around with the new features. I was really looking forward to testing the array editor for my main project and sadly the new stuff isn't accessible. I'd be logging tons of testing hours and I'm very keen on submitting feedback/bugs but there isn't much incentive to start testing right now.

    Is there any chance you'll be unlocking a few features as the beta goes forth? It seems strange to test the basic stuff for a month and then the new stuff for just a week basically making this more of a evaluation period instead of a beta test.

    From a sales perspective it's also better to allow people to work on their main projects using new features because it makes them want to buy the license when the beta ends.

    I'm definitely buying so I don't mind either way and just so you know I'm not looking for an evaluation period. I love C2 and can't wait to work on C3. I'll still be testing with smaller projects.

  • Maybe...those features will take longer than a week to test? Just a thought...

    And we are using a limited version where most of the best features are locked. How can we test for those bugs?

    I must say I agree on this matter. I wanted to create a new real project from scratch on C3 because, as for me, the better way to take the software in hand is from a real development process. But there are too much limitations. If even "basic" features like families are locked, there's no way to create anything a bit complex.

    Limitations like 40 events by projects, 2 layers per layout, no subfolder, are easily incapacitating enough to be sure that anyone who really wants to make actual games would buy it. Plus, that is a beta. You should allow people to see how great your software can really be.

  • Lets just not bash the developers away from the development of construct engine

    instead providing feedback and replies should be more then enough

    I've put in several bug reports already. I think this thread is on topic, giving first impressions and talking about the bugs and overall feel for the engine so far. I don't see much bashing.

    all are futures depend on it in some way

    My future doesn't depend on Construct 3 in any way, and I'm pretty sure it's not life-altering for anyone else either. Seems an exaggerated statement.

  • Lets just not bash the developers away from the development of construct engine

    instead providing feedback and replies should be more then enough all are futures depend on it in some way if we are to use construct and the developers too but their making it instead : ) .

    I think all our futures depend more on how humanity will decide to (finally) act on issues like climate, over-population, and human greed/stupidity, rather than one piece of software

    But that's just me thinking out loud.

  • Let's just try to keep on topic please. I see quite a few good ideas here and the developers are going to listen and make some good changes. Let's not get the thread locked by going off topic etc.

  • I personally feel it's a little... light... and (for me) does not address a lot of issues I had with C2, but now that all the problems that the old GUI framework had are out of the way, let's keep reporting bugs and give feedback. The sooner this new base hardens, the earlier they have time for implementing new stuff on top of it.

  • My first impression was pretty positive - I like the overall look/feel better than C2. And I like the larger sample games that are included.

    I think I'm done playing around with the beta though. I just can't spend much time on a limited version of Construct at this point. If all the features were unlocked and I could import my C2 projects I'd be testing more aggressively, but as it stands I'll wait for the full version/game jam version.

  • a bit laggy in chromium, but still quite impressive.

    Not worth selling your soul to the renting model though. I am not convinced yet , sorry

  • A bit amazed to not find anything that makes it stand out from Construct 2.

    I mean use wise, core components, game elements.


    Apart from it running in an browser, and having an integrated export feature, there is nothing that makes it really stand out from its predecessors, game development wise. (yes the development flow might have become easier, but it makes no difference for experienced users)

    What I am seeing in the first 10 minutes of use, is construct 2 in a browser, without my ui preferences from my local 2 version.

    I would have expected to see something like 3d options and new objects ... taking the whole actual game development up a notch from 2d. Perhaps some inventory system or mini map options, new functionality from objects.

    This version 3 might make development mobile, but it does not add extra/new features I would have liked to see.

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  • Copy events as text's got me all nostalgic for CC.

    + Touch: Is in touch

    -> Sprite: Set position to (lerp(?Self.?X,?Touch.?X,?2?×?dt), lerp(?Self.?Y,?Touch.?Y,?2?×?dt))

    -> Sprite: Set angle to anglelerp(?Self.?Angle,?angle(?Self.?X,?Self.?Y,?Touch.?X,?Touch.?Y)?,?3?×?dt) degrees

    + System: Every tick

    -> System: Scroll to (lerp(?ScrollX,?Sprite.?X,?1?×?dt), lerp(?ScrollY,?Sprite.?Y,?1?×?dt))

    I double dog dare you to add paste text as events to the editor. heh

  • Now that we have events to text, and we know the Scirra team have expressed interest in trying a text to events parser, I pray that we're one step closer to a text editor based version of the event sheet.

    Being able to type an event sheet, I'd buy C3 for that alone. Add some decent code hinting and I'm a customer for life.

    I was surprised with how much I enjoyed being able to dock windows literally anywhere, and split existing views (want two side panels to act as event sheets, you can!); off the back of this, I'd love the following:

    1) Save custom layouts to use from the settings menu.

    2) Being able to dock the preview window.

    C3 also has an odd and slightly annoying habit of launching the preview window in the bottom right hand corner of my screen; but this is on a second monitor for a Surface Pro 4, which are absolute bastards when it comes to dual monitors...

  • Used C3 more today... I honestly think the UI is beautiful.. with nice expanding popups, colors and bigger text.

    my main issue is it's in a browser. honestly, who wants to do game development in a browser?

    I get it.. the future.. someday, browsers and applications will just meld as one thing you use on a computer. But for now they are NOT that. I use my Browser a ton and have MANY tabs open, for NON gamedev things.. I'm sorry.. but I want an application. I know Scirra Team plans on wrapping it into a stand alone app.. but that feels like an after thought and they seem to really be pushing the browser. Why? who wants this??

    I've been using C3 and C2 side by side all day.. When in C3 I'm all stressed out, feels cramped for some reason and feel a sense of relief when I go to C2. I can't explain it, something is just not right about it being in a browser. Not talking about functionality at all.

  • -_-

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