Construct 3 any news?

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    Back again

    I think that Construct2 is still one of the best game developer program I have tested or own, but .... it's slighty outdated.

    Construct2 is around 7-8 years old and in some points you recognize that some commands are added later or updated. Also the interface is outdated. Don't get me wrong, technical it's up to date, but compared to some other software some parts are missing or are easier to "use". Still if you want to make a simple 2D game this is the software you need (e.g. Angry Birds - technical there is not much to do (just pull the bird), but with a lot of levels). If you want to make more RGB, isometric view (2.5D), a lot of calculation with several database this will be very difficult.

    A new version is becoming more and more necessary, especial when the competition doesn't sleep.

    I tested and compared some other software, maybe some of you are interested in my personal opinion (only interface, no pricing)

    Construct2: still good, but has it's limitation, which is also good, because it overstretch beginners.

    BuildBox2: very similar to construct2, but newer. I like the node menu editor. Also there are some tutorials which shows that it can handle isometric views.

    Sparks: in alpha phase

    Gamemaker: is also getting older around 5-6 years. It has similar limitation like construct2, but offers more programming. You shouldn't be a newbie. I think it is more used by very small teams or experts. Has some more successful games than construct2.

    Unity3D: want a 3D game? No problem. With this games you can really program high class games. Is it for beginners: hell, no!!! I think when you can really handle this program, you will be hired by any studio. But I also saw some simple 2D games, programed with unity3d - I have no idea why they did it...

    Autodesk Stingray: a very new 3D game developing program. I didn't tested it yet, but it's a mixture of 3/4 Unity3D and 1/4 Construct2/BuildBox2. So programing becomes much easier, but still you need 3D modelling experience.

    Construct3: I hope that some parts becomes easier: especial 2.5D view (isometric) and databases. also the node menu editor from buildbox2 (which is also like Microsoft Access database programing) is very nice. Right now if you want to program a simple version like "Clash of clans" you need Unity3D. Maybe Construct3 can make it easier, so you can program something similar (just the gameplay except the network, coin/cash system, multiplayer, server/country up/downloads, ... - if you want to do this you need Unity3D and a lot of $$$)

    I'm very much a beginner with C2. I think it's really easy to make a 2D game with C2, but they are very bland in their presentation. I have found a few videos here and there that show some ways to make the game "pop" more, but they all seem like one-trick ponies. I'm hoping a major focus with C3 is making it easier to make the game look great. For example, particles with lighting baked in (shadows, reflections, the whole thing), heck even just plain, straight forward lighting aside from particles would be great. I tried using a light source in one of my practice projects and all I got was a bunch of really weird black shapes covering a bunch of the playing area. It wasn't very intuitive about why I got those results.

    Also, RGB assignments for sprites that can be set up as ranges with the ability to randomize. <----This single thing would go a long way in getting more mileage out of the precious assets that take so much time to create and perfect and then have a lot less objects cluttering up the project simply because they are a different color scheme. It would make things like biome generation so much easier. If nothing else, please consider this for C3.

    I imagine there are methods I haven't yet discovered to do the things I just described. Regardless of what C3 eventually brings, I'm glad to have a shot at making a decent game just being a game designer and not a full fledged coding expert. Thanks, Scirra!

    Strobe - There's a lot of "bland" looking game because they are mostly being made by people who are new to game development and most are not artists or game designers either.

    If more people had a solid background in art first, then start making games i bet we'd see a lot more 'pretty' games. Its also very hard to properly "finish" and polish a game. most people get bored and want to explore new mechanics and concepts instead.

    Its not the engine that holding anyone back, its how people are using it.

    If anyone has been strungling to make their game a bit more special. check out his great game dev talk about making your game more "juicy".

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    edwardr Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    no problem,

    beside I found that in Kickstarter ... nav_search

    As you can see tycoon games and pseudo 2.5D is possible, but for sure it wasn't easy to keep the overview and need a lot of coding/testing.

    Scirra Team. I think you must be share a capture of main screen of C3 or something like that. We are waiting since a long time, and i think for respect customers or your comunity, it´s time show something. I understand you and you don´t show a lot of for buildbox, spark etc. but I think you can choose yours captures, editing them and put something for ours eyes without it´s dangerous for your develop engine. thanks

    Scirra Team. I think you must be share a capture of main screen of C3 or something like that. We are waiting since a long time, and i think for respect customers or your comunity, it´s time show something. I understand you and you don´t show a lot of for buildbox, spark etc. but I think you can choose yours captures, editing them and put something for ours eyes without it´s dangerous for your develop engine. thanks

    I disagree. I see no benefit to them showing it before it's ready. It helps competition no matter how much is shown. And do you really think it would satiate anybody? The only thing a screenshot would do is cause more people to bother them nonstop, complain about whatever, or potentially hurt sales of the more-than-capable C2.

    Let's see it when it's ready and close to release so we can judge it purely on its own merits and not rampant speculation.

    I agree with that, C-7

    yfchild2 I think Scirra shows a lot of respect by being very active in the forums, updating frequently C2 with bug fixes and others. I don't think its necessary to see what they are working on.

    Already C2 it's amazing so I wouldn't expect less from them.

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    C-7 speaks the truth.

    C-7 is correct preview images are not necessary and just starts new discussion like: why, i don't like it, change it,....

    I hope that the big upgrade is coming this year, because for my next project it will be to difficult to use C2, because I will lose the overview or reach its limits. (I know I can use groups, functions,... , but there are easier ways)

    e.g. ... llery-view

    User-friendly scripting tools

    especial: 0:35

    e.g. ... llery-view

    User-friendly scripting tools

    especial: 0:35

    So they just ripped of UE4's blueprint system?

    kind of ... buildbox also has it and another one (but I forgot the name)

    Aren't those blueprint eventing systems way too limited compared to C2's eventing system?

    I mean the blueprints?/plugins by themselves that come with the engine, without counting the ones that got developed by the community.

    I don't think so, but I'm not 100% sure. It's not the technical, it's the keeping the overview which was (for me) a big problem.

    I tried some sort of a tycoon game, which I gave up, because I lost the overview. I used groups, functions and sheets, but when you have to print pages, write additional notes for each variable and check if you linked them together, then you spent more time checking and comparing instead of programing. When you have a lot of background calculation and a database then this becomes a nightmare.

    It's like brainstorming. The Autodesk/UE4 design allows you some kind of sorting and with the lines you see immediately the connections. In C2 I had to open the main program sheet, check if the function is called, open the sheet with the functions, go to the group of functions (e.g. Time calculations), search for the functions (time + money) and look within the functions for the right variables.

    For simple tasks shoot, hit the target, add points the event sheets are enough, but when you have functions like upgrade player weapons, shields, change the AI Enemy strange according to the player strength,... good luck (it's possible, but not easy)

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