Construct 3 any news?

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    Chrome also has a business and education versions that have more security features and limits users from changing settings and destroying history.

    Those are not updated very often so something to consider if you plan on using C3 in one of those versions.

    For example, CSS grids are a new browser feature we use for the entire layout of the editor. Grids are designed specifically for this usage in mind, and if we wanted to make it an optional feature we'd end up with div soup.

    Grids are weeks old for public use - it's odd to think that this beta literally couldn't have happened even a month earlier, as the support for C3 wouldn't have existed without dev flags or Canary. Cutting edge indeed.

    At my job we still have to go through a SWOT to see if we can use flexbox...

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    oh!my mac mini 2011,run chrome latest(?? 57.0.2987.110 (64-bit)),and open flag:webGL

    but when I try to lunch C3 show ...should I buy a new mac?! help!

    >>Oops! WebGL is not supported.

    WebGL provides high-performance graphics for web apps. Construct 3 needs WebGL support to run, but this browser does not appear to support WebGL.

    Try installing any available system updates, and check for an update for your graphics driver. Alternatively if you have access to a newer device try using that.

    peer I hade the same problem this should help

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