Construct 3 any news?

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    What we know so far:

    • A public beta of Construct 3 will begin by April.
    • Construct 3 Personal subscription will be $99/year.
    • Existing licensed Construct 2 users (including on Steam) will get 50% off their first year.
    • Construct 3 will include a Scirra-hosted service to build apps for iOS and Android directly from the editor.
    • Construct 3 can import Construct 2 projects.
    • Construct 3 runs in browser (Chrome).
    • Construct 3 also runs on Android.
    • Construct 3 will have offline support.
    • Live previews in the Construct 3 editor.
    • There won't be official 3D support. (Probably, someone will make a plugin like Q3D)
    • There won't be native exporters
    • Translation to languages other than English.
    • Third-party extensibility of the editor (an editor plugin SDK).
    • Project modularity features (such as designing new kinds of plugins purely in events, or ways to usefully share functions or groups of events).
    • Other editor-focused features (e.g. array contents editor, refactoring tools).

    Announcing Construct 3

    A first look at Construct 3

    Construct 3 on mobile

    Building mobile apps in Construct 3

    Live previews in the Construct 3 editor

    Construct 3 Website

    Construct 3 Official Information Thread

    It's in London somewhere on Ashley's computers not ready to be revealed just yet?

    What made you think it would be released so soon? I'm expecting there's still a while yet to go.

    Quicksand What made you think I'm expecting release date anytime soon ? I'm talking about sneak peeks.

    Yeah right I know, hopefully there will be more news about it in 2016.

    I'm more concerned that it seems development is being done with no direct community input. One of the reasons that Unity and UDK are such good engines is because development is based around community behavior with direct community feedback. What works, what doesn't work, what is working. So far C3 has been developed in what appears to be a vacuum environment. Now of course it's not. Ashley comes to the forums often, but no from what I have heard has been in discussion with Ash in regards to what would be useful.

    While I'm waiting patiently the longer silence, and the dread that the community comes in second+ place in regards to design is concerning. I would love to hear some news, details, screen shots. I suspect because of the isolation C3 will be a better IDE, but we will end up with these still locked out issue because there isn't enough different minds and though directions to give a good flexible direction for C3.

    i just buy C2 so not yet ready to spend no more money

    jayderyu I cant agree more with you.

    You are absolutely right about the community feedback and the community integration with the developers.

    But i think Ashley knows the requests of the community because he is an active forum member and interacts with the community.

    So i think the development of c3 is in a good way and when they give us something screenshots, new features etc. i think we will all be amazed.

    bilgekaan Be patient with c2 and make patience for c3.

    at the end it says:

    [quote:d6a02dmn]Watch this space, we haven't revealed everything yet...

    We have been watching it for a year now and nothing else has been revealed <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_lol.gif" alt=":lol:" title="Laughing">

    I suppose that if not for a release, people are hoping to see what else would be revealed.


    I couldn't agree more.

    Even if it was minimal, just a screenshot here and there, maybe stupidly early development stuff, anything to get me hyped. I WANT to be hyped

    it would be awesome if they add like a list of what they have already finished, and a list of what is in progress that will be really cool , and make updates each weekon those lists

    wizdigitech If you have bought C2, you'll have C3 for free (if I remember correctly what they said about that)

    wizdigitech If you have bought C2, you'll have C3 for free (if I remember correctly what they said about that)

    I think current owners get a discount rather than freel

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    wizdigitech If you have bought C2, you'll have C3 for free (if I remember correctly what they said about that)

    errr no.

    Ashley's blog Here includes the following:

    [quote:3q0kh5mg]..upon its release we plan to have a great upgrade deal for existing Construct 2 users.

    Okay yep it seemed weird to me anyway, bad memory.

    i guess a small blog news would be nice

    after all marketing must begin before actual product !

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