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Casino? money? who knows? but the target is the same!

    Thank you very much Tom. We know you are all very busy, so your efforts are appreciated.


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    What's the difference between "personal" and "education"?

    Educational licenses are for educational institutes only. They are functionally the same, but only educational institutes are permitted to purchase. Once purchased, you have to fill out an educational institute profile, if this is faked we will suspend the licenses.

    > Only available by credit card ?


    Right now yes. We'll be adding Paypal when we can - may be a few months away though.

    Tom, if I wait for the Paypal option to become available, will the C2-user discount be still available?

    Yes, the discount absolutely will still be available.

    I bough a license before I remembered that C2 user had discount. Could I use c2-discount after purchase? ( maybe discount for next year )

    What's the cut-off date for "early adopters"? I plan to buy my subscription next weekend.

    Tom Is there an expiry on the discount coupon?

    Yay, got my license

    Lovely !

    I was wondering. So far, I'm just an individual and may build app for sale but this may just be a ridiculous amount of money. C2 license allowed "use for independent use up to an associated use revenue of 5000 USD", i.e. it was easy to start a business with personnel license and buy the business with the first money earned. Is it still the case here ?

    I've got a subscription also : ) one issue I'm having is their's no manual explaining all the the correct audio formats and correct picture formats,etc

    to get the best quality representation which is very important for detail orientated individuals .

    I'm also having the issue of gamejam license that others have experienced just to put that out their .

    Other then that I'm enthralled by the quality of this game engine I could not careless if it's on the web browser

    personally for me I like that it is means for those who want to play my game they can just run the website link

    and if they really want the game offline they can download a zip file extract it an run the game from their

    and it's that easy literally all I've gotta say is wow , if their was a time that I could actually finish a game project

    this might finally be the one!.

    Laurent If you are an indie developer and or hobbyist then I think you are okay with the personal license

    but if you were someone like popcap or betheseda then you'd definitely need a business license

    Id however like to hear it from the official developers mouth though to be shore : >.

    I also have the gamejam license problem

    waiting for paypal payment

    Tom told in an earlier post they are working on the gamejam licence problem.

    I am guessing that they leave the gamejam licence run until it is fixed. But that is only my guesswork.

    I can see the Scirra team worked and are working hard to get C3 up and running. I am not concerned because I know this will be fixed as soon as possible.

    I also noted a very pleasant positive vibe towards Construct 3. Together with the Scirra team, we all (Construct 3 users) will make a great future for C3.

    The C3 community here is very constructive and creative. Only 3 people can win the gamejam, but I want to say, great work everyone!!! Nicely done!!!

    - you deserve a free license for all of the amazing work you have done to extend C2 and to help so many other developers


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