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Casino? money? who knows? but the target is the same!

    Now, even Demo and Example are limited.

    Please let Construct 3 limit the same as Construct 2 !!

    > Only available by credit card ?


    Right now yes. We'll be adding Paypal when we can - may be a few months away though.

    What a brilliant idea

    In a 'few months' the diskounts are still valid, or not?

    Oh man, i want to buy it just at this moment via PayPal, don't want my money.

    'few month' is pure nonsense. Why should it cost so much time to add a simple payment method?

    Construct 2 can be purchased with PayPal, so why you don't want my Money?

    Yes, discounts will still be valid.

    We do want people to be able to buy, and know some people can only pay via Paypal.

    Implementing payment services is extremely complex, our payments system is very sophisticated. It really is not a simple 1 day job, it's at least a couple of weeks work.

    Yes, discounts will still be valid.

    Good to hear.

    ..and know some people can only pay via Paypal.

    Some people? Really?

    Tragically, but on that actaual condition i can't support you, cause i have no credit card.

    And i think working with construct 2 makes no fun anymore, cause your energy and love will

    fully goes in your new baby construct 3, or not?

    I will not working with a tool, that has faded from the spotlight.

    I understand your position, and I am very motivated of course to get Paypal support. Please do bear with us.

    Good news is once you can get hold of Construct 3, you can simply import your Construct 2 projects directly into it.

    In Japan, a policy of putting emphasis on programming education was issued recently at a school of compulsory education. If you can use 4 Layers and 100 Events in the "Free Edition", I will endeavor to spread Construct 3 in Japanese compulsory education schools. In the long run, increasing the number of users of Construct 3 in Japan should lead to Scirra's profit.

    Please consider it, please.

    Will expand on this later on website, but easy ability to add/remove/reassign seats. For schools, they can also generate temporary access tokens for classes so students don't need accounts and to have seats assigned directly to.

    Is there any further explanation on this anywhere on the site? We're looking at the logistics for purchasing licenses for a school.

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    that's good news thanks for this

    I understand your position, and I am very motivated of course to get Paypal support.

    Which version is better for beginners to start, 2 or 3?

    I would recommend playing around with the free version of construct 2 since it has more tutorials and if you like the environment then try the free version of 3.

    Worst case scenario you like construct 2 and decide to buy it, then you are out $99 for a lifetime version of Construct 2... but you will (should) get a discount on your first year of construct 3 subscriptions of around $50 bucks for the first year (with purchase of C2). Construct 2 will be supported for quite some time and will import directly into Construct 3 as long as you don't rely on too many third-party add-ons.

    I am on the fence about C3 along with quite a few others. As a hobbyist, C2 does all I need and C3 will "feel" for all intends-and-porposes like a beta for at least a year or two with very limited information and tutorials.

    I may one day move up to it if the right project comes along but it won't be until Paypal is supported or monthly subscriptions were a thing (which they say they won't).

    Thank you for such detailed explanation. I'm going to follow your suggestions.

    Thank you guys for useful information.

    Good luck,have fun


    “I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”

    The ability to search all event sheets for a function makes this worth it alone. I hesitated and resistant to change, but after seriously trying C3 for a bit...boy is it smooth!

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