Construct 3 Licenses Now On Sale

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Casino? money? who knows? but the target is the same!

    Licenses are now on sale

    To subscribe to Construct 3, please visit:

    Where's my discount?

    To get your discount:

    I bought my license on Steam

    Don't worry, we got you covered! Please send an email to with:

    • Full receipt/proof of purchase
    • Your Scirra username

    My hash isn't recognised...

    Don't worry we're happy to help. Send an email to with:

    • Full receipt/proof of purchase
    • License file
    • Your Scirra username

    Support and Problems

    Any problems, please email and we will endeavour to sort them out as soon as possible. Launching major new sites products and stores is an enormous undertaking so we appreciate your patience whilst we solve any issues that arise.

    Additional Reward

    Nothing major, but we are planning on having a profile medal on at some point for everyone who buys early on to indicate you're an early supporter (much like the early adopter medal!)

    Questions or suggestions?

    Please ask here and I'll do my best to answer them all. If you want to comment on our pricing model itself, this is the wrong thread and your posts will be deleted.

    Only available by credit card ?

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    Only available by credit card ?

    Right now yes. We'll be adding Paypal when we can - may be a few months away though.

    > Only available by credit card ?


    Right now yes. We'll be adding Paypal when we can - may be a few months away though.

    Too bad

    If it had ideal or PayPal I would have bought one already ....

    It really helps to offer more payments options though ... I can imagine not many indies having a credit card.

    Now I gotta find my card details again lol

    Every year I need it once or so, lol (apple dev)

    Yep we're aware that a lot of our current base use Paypal - it's just a big engineering job to support it. We're launching one at a time to let them bake in and make sure everything is working OK.

    if I purchase a year subscription and then happen to win the game jam you would be able to add the free year prize onto my subscription?

    Yes we'd be able to do that no problem!

    Tom, I wrote you an e-mail.

    Thanks for your attention.

    Got mine. Have to say, I love C3 already. Especially since I switch between OS X, Windows, and Android frequently through the week.

    I'm working on a Math game for my son to play since summer vacation starts next week. It's surprising how fun math can be when you're being chased by a bloodthirsty dinosaur.

    Just bought it myself as well! I got a copy of GameMaker Studio 2 and have had tons of issues with it. And I can only use it on my Windows box. With Construct, I finally have the freedom to build at home, at work, on my tablet, ... anywhere!

    Finally the possibility to throw money at you for Construct 3.

    That is what I was waiting for.

    Got my license just now ....

    But when I log on to the construct 3 , even after updating to latest version, it says I'm on the gamejam license

    I did not try opening c3 since mid jam before purchasing ....

    Awesome news!, I'm getting C3 as soon as Photon Cloud plugin is available for C3 so I can start migrating my main project. And I saw that ThePhotons are already working on it, so shouldn't be too long. Can't wait to move over.

    I also seem to have the same problem as Lennaert. Despite my subscription, it keeps using the game jam licence. There seems nothing in the receiving purchase email, which can activate the new C3 subscription.

    Don't worry, I am sure this will be solved before the game jam licence expires.

    Ah, good spot guys. Will get this fixed.

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