Super Ubie Land *Wii U, PC, Mac* *COMPLETED!*

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A space themed game with high quality 2D graphics and addictive music that provide hours of fun
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  • Awesome graphics, by the way don't forget something like Yoshi in your game. Super Mario World was epic because Yoshi and his challenged maps. I still play that game.

  • Wow this game is getting better and better each day. Keep up the great work. Once done with this project get started right away on Super Ubie Land 2!


  • I like your graphics so much! Can't wait for the finished product.

  • I've sent you some PM's recently about Super Ubie Land. Wasn't sure if you saw them. :P

  • Don't be too hurt, Squiddster didn't get a response from April =P

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  • Sorry guys, I rarely check my messages on here. Ususally just post something and browse over forum topics then get back to working on the game or something. I am glad you enjoy the graphics.

    I'm getting into somehwat of a rut right now. I want the game to be simple overall but I want it to be interesting and that's what I am finding difficult at the moment. I also think I'm creating too many levels. I may need to cut back some.

    Zero6 I will check out your PM soon. Thanks

  • This is my last show of Super Ubie Land til completion.

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  • This looks so sweet, I'm downloading the demo now! Can't wait :D

  • Pulled an all nighter and started adding in backdrop art for the levels. Make it feel more alive. I also finally created a proper HUD for the game. Now your lives, hearts, points, and coins are displayed neater!

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  • More background updates

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    *If you've played Super Ubie Land the Scirra Arcade tech demo, you'll probably recognize this level. It's been updated and tweaked since then*

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  • Brilliant! I'll be picking it up on my Wii U! Do you have an expected release date yet?

  • Thank you AnD4D :D

    we are targeting an early 2014 release for the Wii U but for PC, Mac and Linux sometime this year. I'm trying to finish the game by the end of July and begin heavy playtesting.

  • Well I've liked you on Steam Greenlight, and look forward to finally getting my hands on the game! Best of luck to you!

    Oh, I recall hearing that you're recoding the game for Wii U. Is that still the case, or are you exporting it through C2?

  • Thanks for the support on greenlight AnD4D

    we are recoding for the wii u... unless we get an update from Scirra about the nintendo web framework options. But we can't hold our breath for that at this time. If anything does change and C2 allows for wii u exporting, I'll be sure to update the thread

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