Super Ubie Land *Wii U, PC, Mac* *COMPLETED!*

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A space themed game with high quality 2D graphics and addictive music that provide hours of fun
  • That's amazing, it's fantastic to see someone with passion succeed. :-)

  • Ashley Tom

    Hey guys, would it be possible to help us on promoting the Steam Greenlight page for Super Ubie Land?

  • NotionGames looks very polished and obviously you have put a lot of time into it.

    Can I suggest a few things as feedback.

    1. Loading - why no % indicator. I spent over a minute waiting for it to load with no indication how much longer. I thought it had failed at one point and went off to do other things until i noticed it had loaded.

    2. Opening screen -= I clicked on "start game" nothing happened. It was not clear o me I had to press keys and return to select and start the game.

    3. I had no idea what I was doing on the screen with the doors. The doors didn't reach and one showed 0x3 or something like that - very confusing.

    I will have another go later.

    While it looks great I am not sure the $10 asking price is worth it. There are so many games available on the market that I personally wouldn't spend that much on a casual game.

    All critique meant in constructive (no pun intended) manner.

  • Calling the game a casual game when you haven't played it doesn't make sense. I am open for comments on how to make it better but whether or not you would personally purchase the game for X price isn't what we are running our business model on. There is a lot of content that we have put into the game and thus far we have received good feedback from those who enjoy the type of game we have created for them.

    The icon:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    is basically letting players know that they have collect X out of 3 Bees. If you have a suggestion on how to improve that please let me know. And you enter the door to go play a level. There is a controls screen in the title menu explaining these details.

    We are updating the game with tweaks and more to make the experience better.

    And what is truly considered a casual game? Just because it is a platformer doesn't mean that its casual.

    There are 6 bosses, over 24 levels, plenty of hidden secrets and things to collect and a soundtrack with over 20 tracks of high quality. It is a platform game.

    Thanks for your input czar

  • Congrats on finishing, and I surely hope it pays.

    I got mine <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Eisenhans

    Thank you so much for the support! We are currently working on updates and an easier game mode. If you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know. We will release an update soon!

  • NotionGames sorry to step on your toes. As I said I provided my feedback is as a user and meant in a constructive and positive manner.

    Whether you want to discuss semantics or not, in my book your game is a casual game, like angry birds. A casual game is a game that anyone can play for a short time or a long time in one sitting. The amount of content does not make a difference.

    The confusion I experienced suggests that improvements could be made. In my opinion software should shape to the user not the other way around. I just provided you with the sticking points I experienced. This type of feedback, while probably not what you want to hear, can make the difference between a app that experiences great rewards and one that doesn't get talked about much. Not that I am making that assumption about your game.

    I wish you all the best and hope that you can take my comments in the spirit that it was intended.

  • czar I'm interested in why you would describe this as a casual game - your definition doesn't make any sense and infers that any game at all would fall into the 'casual' category.

    Generally, 'casual' games are designed to appeal to as wide a user base as possible, by making gameplay easier/simpler. This game does neither of those.

    Plus, I wouldn't tie pricing to genre - as far as I know, the only reason Angry Birds and the like costs $2.99 is because the openness of the iOS market drove the 'acceptable' price of games way down.

  • sqiddster I am not sure why some are upset calling this game a casual game. Looking at the wiki entry the game would appear, in my opinion, to fall into the casual game definition. Unlike say GTA V or Civ 5.

    I asked my colleagues to describe the game without saying my opinion and both of them used the words "casual game" to describe it. I am not sure why the fuss, it is what it is. I would love to have a casual game as popular as angry birds etc.

    If you don't feel it is a casual game then that is fine. We can agree to disagree it doesn't change anything. My main points were directed at some of my initial experiences running the app.

    As for price they can charge what they like. They don't have to take my feedback at all.

  • czar I'm not upset or anything, I was just curious why you'd say this was a 'casual' game as it doesn't really fit the classic description of a casual game. Perhaps you didn't play long enough?

  • sqiddster I guess the question would then be what is your definition of a casual game. Would you agree with the Wiki entry? And if so do you feel Ubie land falls into that category as defined by the wiki entry?

  • Would you consider Mario or Megaman to be casual games? It is much more akin to these then any games I would consider casual... I consider casual to be more about how much effort or skill it takes to play it. I would not consider megaman or Mario a casual game in that regard and this games has a very similar difficulty and effort factor as something like megaman.

  • BluePhaze yes, I guess by today's standards I probably would class arcade games as casual games.

    I believe the definitions are vague enough to have certain games fall into either side, depending on your view point. e.g., someone who was really into Space Invaders may argue that the tactics, fast reactions and skill required precludes it from being a casual game. I would suggest that is incorrect and that most arcade games could be considered casual games.

    Anyway, I don't think this discussion helps Ubie Land any. :)

  • BluePhaze: I've never played Megaman so can't comment on that, and Mario - is that Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros or something else? I'm only familiar with the original Super Mario Bros on NES, and that game you can certainly fire up for a quick game. But there's an awful lot of levels, enemies, tactics you have to learn etc.

    I think any game you can fire up for a quick blast is a casual game. Most coin-ops would fall into that category by that definition, as they want to kill you off in a couple of minutes so you have to insert more coins.

    My 2c: Based on what I've seen in this thread, I would classify your app as casual.

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  • Grats mate, finished product looks really good. Best of luck with it.

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