Super Ubie Land *Wii U, PC, Mac* *COMPLETED!*

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A space themed game with high quality 2D graphics and addictive music that provide hours of fun
  • The game will be paced more like Mario in terms of levels getting progressively more difficult. But there is an item collecting factor in the game to earn keys to unlock special doors and get access to sealed off stores with items you can buy. things like that. I think overall though, the game will be pretty difficult.


    I haven't been home yet to see if I've received my dev kit. I've been out of town. I can't wait to get home to play around with everything. I'm a bit nervous about whether or not Super Ubi Land will even function on the device without HUGE tweaks to the game itself. So I may have to have Super Ubi Land redone in Unity then ported to android to work on the OUYA. Hopefully that won't be the case in the end, but it's def looking like it.

    Any support to get C2 working properly with OUYA without having to only make SIMMPPPLEE games will be great. Besides, people want to play console style games on the OUYA right? Not simple mobile type games. I think that's the selling point. So i'd def want to make more complex games for the OUYA.

    We'll see...

  • I would not worry. My pathetic little game that was built with phonegap and is multiplayer works great. I still need to add FPS to the display to see what its really doing, but it appears to be running fine. I'm going to try cocoonjs next and should see even better performance.

    I would like to know how you implement the controls of the controller. So far i have have had no time to mess around with it.

  • That is the point, develop a game that it can be worth playing with a controller.

    I like 2d games in general, there are even some types of games that personally i like better in 2d than 3d.

    Ashley created a great piece of software in my opinion, in one week or so i was able to set a game exactly as i wanted.

    Though, the fact that html5 is not mature and you dont get the same quality when you compile it to other file format (bugs, sound issues, crashes) it makes html5 at least now not so appealing.

    shame because construct2 it s simple the best 2d game editor on the marke imho

    please keep us posted about your game and ouya


  • The story in Super Ubi Land will be told in children's book style illustrations.

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  • Interview with Nintendo Station about Super Ubi Land!

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  • Maestro Interactive is bringing over Super Ubi Land to the Wii U. They will be handling the porting to Unity. Maestro includes an ex Retro Studios dev who worked on Donkey Kong Country Returns.

  • Congrats. Stories like this give people like me the needed motivation to fulfill our dreams. Thanks.

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  • just wow...

  • Two new videos:

    Super Ubi Land Theme Piano Cover:

    Super Ubi Land narrator/ Voice Over Test 1

  • Just so everyone knows... the first demo is out!

    There's no thread for it, so I'll leave my feedback here:


    -I froze ubi by pulling up a plant while sliding off a platform. Had to restart the game.

    -There are no fonts, just some default text. I'm guessing you just haven't implemented them yet.

    -I cannot read any of the signs, in fact I can't respond to anything that says 'press B'. I'm not using a gamepad. Is there a specific key I have to press? I tried all the game keys.

    -In level 3, I see bee outlines but I never actually got the bees.

    -The coins counter doesn't reset after game over. Seems strange, considering the fact that score does.


    -That warning screen at the start shows for a really short time. Also I think the first point is redundant.

    -An invincibility period after damage is pretty important - I just died as I held the arrow towards a bird by mistake.

    -What's the purpose of the 'continue' screen?

    -Could you make the collision polygon of the spikes a tad less generous? That, coupled with the fact that there aren't any checkpoints and the insta-death on spikes means levels like level 3 can get a bit frustrating.

    -I don't really like how I can't double jump off walls. Just personal preference.

    Don't take this as negative, though! it's a great game, of course. I can't wait to see where it goes!

  • Thanks sqiddster for all the advice!

    I'm still working on a ton of these issues :)

    The continue screen in the demo serves no purpose but in the main build it'll start you over from the first level of whichever world you've reached.

    And I need help with the fonts in construct. I want a particular font but don't know how to implement it.

    Anyone else with issues please let me know so I can update the game. Thanks

  • NotionGames Any chance you hosting the demo somewhere else, I keep getting ad prompts and file warnings when trying to get the demo from the links you provided on sendspace... maybe dropbox or something?

  • BluePhaze I'll upload to DropBox later on today and will let everyone know. Thanks

  • I sent you this a while back in the Skype chat. Did it not work for you?

    web fonts tutorial

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