Cluckles' Adventure - platform game

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  • EDIT: 05 Apr 2017

    Cluckles' Adventure will be releasing on Steam on 10th April 2017 (PDT).


    EDIT: 02 Jan 2017

    Cluckles' Adventure is now on Steam Greenlight. Help me out and vote if you'd like to see the game on PC.

    Note: Cluckles was successfully Greenlit with 725 yes votes (60% of the total vote) after about 12 days. Thanks to everyone who voted!


    EDIT: 31 Dec 2016

    Cluckles' Adventure is now available for download on Android and iOS.



    Website (

    YouTube: Cluckles' Adventure Gameplay Trailer

    Please post any feedback / comments / bugs in this thread.

    I'm specifically interested to hear about:

    -What device and OS you are using.

    -How is performance on your device?

    -What do you think of gameplay in general? Is the game engaging, boring, too hard, too easy?

    Please let me know your thoughts and impressions.

  • can u tell me how to upload such a picture like that ?

  • Yes. I just used a little program called GifCam to make an animated gif. Then uploaded to Then you can copy/paste a link from imgur to the forum. Theres probably better programs to use than GifCam though tbh.

  • nice work !

  • ok thanks

  • looks like a funny game

    I liked it

  • I made a settings screen with sprite sliders to control the music and sound effects. Im pretty happy with how it works... at least it doesn't seem to have broken yet

    Sound effects and music can be controlled independently. The buttons at the left toggle between muted and full volume, or you can use the slides to set the volume.

    Now I need to find or make some nice music loops.. music is tricky

  • Looks nice! How many levels are you planning to have? Any bosses?

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  • Thanks! I'm planning for 60-80 levels at this point. The levels will be on the short and fast side, and gradually increase in difficulty. I'd *love* to have bosses, but I think it's probably beyond me for this project. I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible so I can actually finish it! And I'm finding it a steep enough learning curve even keeping it this simple.

    So yeah, in a future project I'll attempt some bosses.

  • This is quite nice. The gameplay seems very fluid and satisfying so far, and the graphics give off a Terraria vibe.

    Nice work.

  • Thanks man. I hope it will be satisfying. A simple game, but still challenging to get through all the levels. I tried to make the player controls quite fast and smooth, so you can belt around the levels at speed. You can wall jump and double jump and dash. And yeah the first levels are in a foresty setting, a bit similar to terraria.

  • Really liking the look of this! One of my favorite touches is the way your character hops a little in place when idling, very chicken-esque. Your graphical consistency and design plans sound both solid and really manageable too. I will definitely keep my eyes out for this one.

  • Thanks! Yes i think it adds life to the sprites by having little bounces, squash and stretch and sparse use of particle effects here and there (for landing and wall sliding etc).

  • A small sample of game play.

    Look! You found a secret! Oooh a Shield... awww you lost it again...

  • I made an introductory cut scene. This plays before the player begins level 1. Kinda sets the scene for why your a chicken running around with a sword

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