Cluckles' Adventure - platform game

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The complete source file for my Youtube platformer game tutorial series.
  • Just want to announce that Cluckles' Adventure will be releasing on Steam on 10th April 2017 (PDT), with a 25% discount for the first week.

    Cluckles on Steam has some cool new features:

    • Two game modes (Classic and Speed Run). When playing Speed Run your level times are posted to the Steam Leaderboards. Compete with Cluckles Gamers around the world.
    • Full controller support.
    • Steam Achievements and Trading Cards.
    • A highly replayable and fun action / puzzle platform game!
    • Find all the chicks hiding in each level to be awarded a perfect star.
    • Featuring 108 challenging levels, full of secrets, puzzles, tricky obstacles and enemies. Hours of entertainment!
    • Cute pixel art graphics.
    • Amazing, catchy retro soundtrack by NMBoom.
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