Cluckles' Adventure - platform game

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  • Artpunk nice intro scene, really cool.

    Did you draw all the sprites of the game? I liked the artstyle,it is funny.

  • nemezes thanks man. The whole intro sequence is several animations inside a single sprite object.

    Yes I drew all the sprites and artwork. I make them in Photoshop then export PNG sequences.

  • looks great. When do you think it will be complete?

  • Hey man thanks!! I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out so far. At this point I am aiming to have it completed by end of August. I was hoping for end of July a while back but I can see that clearly isn't happening.

    I consistently underestimate how long every stage of this project will take 😏

  • Some updated artwork for my platform game. I'm still working on building out all the levels. I'm aiming for 100+ and Im getting through them steadily. Its very challenging trying to create interesting, new configurations for the levels.

    This is the second environment... the Haauuuunted Casssstleee... woooo scary.

  • And this clip follows on directly from the one above.

  • so cool! are you going to release in the final of august? I am waiting.

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  • And this clip follows on directly from the one above.

    Very cute!

  • so cool! are you going to release in the final of august? I am waiting.

    Hi I am still hopeful the game can be finished by the end of August, but it's hard to tell exactly. It might end up being a week or two longer. Even once I finish all the levels Ill need to spend time play testing, searching for any remaining bugs or poor design in the levels...

    Also, im not sure what kind of delay there is once a game is submitted to the marketplaces. I think it might take a week or two for a game to be approved? Im not sure on that...

    And I still need to decide what the best arrangement is for monetising when I publish. I can't decide between two alternative arrangements:

    Option 1.

    • Free Lite version: Includes first ~30 levels, has ads.
    • Paid Full version: Includes all levels, has NO ads.

    Option 2.

    • Full version is free, includes all levels, has ads.
    • In app purchase to remove ads.

    So... whatever arrangement I go for, Ill need to set up the ads and IAP etc... Im expecting to run into hurdles with that stuff as Ive never done it before... Plus Im hoping to get Google Analystics into the game...

  • nemezes what kind of mobile device do you use for gaming?

  • Very cute!

    Thanks Your yonder artwork is v nice!

  • Artpunk I have an old tablet running Android.

    I thought you were going to release also in html5.

    I vote for option 2 about how to sell and ads.

    I played a mobile game that if the player can not beat a level, he could watch a video ad and go to the next level, another way is to pay to go to next level.

  • nemezes I don't know if I should release on html5, you think I should? You mean to publish on Kongregate and places like that? I'd have to read about how to monetise for those platforms... I guess it's all ads.

    Right from the start the main platform I was targeting was mobile (iOS being the priority followed by Android). Beyond mobile, im not sure which other platforms I'd aim for... need to research the options more thoroughly.

    Although I did have the thought that I could put the game on the Scirra arcade for a short while for the purposes of beta testing... I could use any feedback to improve the game before publishing to the mobile markets..

    Ok option 2 for you then. I thought I'd just have an ad pop up every 3 or 4 levels, and then a small ad constantly positioned on the screen... Something like that anyway (dont want to make it too annoying). That's something else I still need to research yet, how best to set the ads up and which ad services to use etc. I bookmarked a tutorial for appodeal a while back because the op was saying he'd had better success with that service than admob... but then does that work with iOS too? ... still lots to figure out .

    Ill just keep making the levels and figure all that stuff out later...

  • Artpunk I thought you were making the game just for fun, but now I see that it is a serious work and you want to make some money, so to release as an html5 game maybe it is not so good to monetize. you can release the game as html5 just with 1 or 2 levels and say "wanna play more? get the app on apple store or google play."

    do not hurry up to finish the game, take your time, as I can see the part to monetize is kind of a lot of work to do.

    I am just making my games as a hobbie and for fun. now I am thinking to release my games on Amazon appstore, because it is free to publish games there, but there is less visibility than google play.

  • An update on my simple platform game.

    I now have a title. It will be called either:

    Cluckles' Impossible Adventure OR just Cluckles' Adventure

    I have completed 107 / 108 levels, and I am currently deciding if I should make the last level a boss..


    Im currently play testing the levels over and over, trying to find any remaining bugs / level design flaws etc.

    Id really like to get some people to beta test with me, in fact Ive already had offers from people on the forums to help me play test. I was thinking about putting the game up as a playable demo on the scirra store or something, but im hesitant because I was reading that its very easy for people to ripoff a html 5 game and post it elsewhere... Does anyone have advice on this?

    I might not end up making it available for beta testing. I might put it straight on the Google Play store and make fixes as I get feedback from people playing on their phones. In the game I have links for email and to a subreddit, so players can easily contact me to give feedback and report bugs. So id kinda be using the first group of players who find the game as beta testers? Good idea? Disastrous?

    The reddit is: but theres nothing there yet.

    Anway here is some art:

    Main menu and game title.

    Navigating the menus.

    The third game environment: The Catacombs!

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