Your C2 tests

  • I love the background music. And you graphics have a homeless charm that I like too. Nice game :)

  • Hi guys =]

    I'm creating a small game based on the mechanics from the SNES's Wild Guns.

    this is my first test,with main player's mechanics almost complete :

    Gameplay Test

    Arrows - move the character/crosshair around

    Z - Shoots

    X - Jumps

    Click on the screen to spawn a target and fire away.

    You can double jump, and if you try to jump while shooting, you will perform a small dodge.

    I'm aware that the idea of not being able to walk and shoot at the same time,or shoot in the air, might be a little annoying for some people , but the game works well with that concept of choosing wisely when to attack or when to perform your defensive maneuvers , wich are the jumps.

    i'll be posting more this week ^^

  • <img src="" border="0">


    i'v started this project a few hours ago to keep my learning process

  • valdarko That looks nifty.

    Thanks guys! I want to make a game that isn't just about shooting this and that. Something that has emotion, and it's intended to look more anime-style.

  • valdarko

    one thing i really like about your game setup, is that is has active scene changes like one of my favs - 'flashback'.

    not only does it transition to the next scene smoothly, it maintains whatever movement you were doing at the time of transition. like if you jump as you come to the end of one scene, you transition jumping 'into' then next scene at the same height, speed and trajectory.

    was this something you did in events or does it happen because of how your scenes switch? i really like this effect, that is why i am asking. because i plan to use it in future games i want to make.

  • thanx man, i rly appreciate it

    harrio the scene switch are squares objects with the same screen size (side by side) and i'm using the event: when Player is overlapping Square>system-scroll to(Square.imagepointX(0), Square.imagepointY(0)

    this is clear or is a little confuse?

  • ok valdarko,

    so if i understand correctly; you have a scene, and then you put a square over the scene the same size. when you move to another scene, it has a square on top of it too. so you scroll to the overlapping square, with the coordinates x=0,y=0

    is that correct?

  • hey harrio

    i think its correct. is like this:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    the red squares are side by side, so when the character overlap the other side the screen change. i hope this help

  • aaah yes,

    this is what i thought it was. very good.

    thank you.

  • Very nice demo valdarko <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I can see it happening as a full game already!

  • thnx Rory

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  • Hey guys:)

    Started working on a TDS/RPG engine, have a look)

    No graphics there, just some logics)

  • My first game with Construct2, made this weekend for an online game jam. It's just a simple shooter (retro graphics / no sounds):

  • linkaevolution YOU DEAD!!! hahaha

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