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  • Hi Folks,

    Been learning Construct 2 for a month now, (free edition).

    Here's a look at what I've come up with.

    Player follows mouse on X axis, continually shooting up at the Gloop.

    LMB = fires normal rocket that when exploding, causes gloop rate of decent to slow.

    RMB = fires Super Rocket that slows the decent of Gloops caught in it's wake, then explodes with large damge.

    R = Reset.

    P = Pause/Unpause.

    PowerUps drop for Blaster upgrade and both rockets.

    When blaster is at max(30), each blaster drop gathered, increases your rockets damage output by 1. From 20(starting value) to 50(max value).

    Whilst your rocket count is at 20, for each 10 rocket drops gathered, a Super Rocket drop appears.

    Once all Gloops are cleared, a new wave commences, resetting your blaster to the wave level.

    Hope I've shared this correctly and please, any feedback would be most welcomed.

    Enjoy. ;o)

    I can't post URL links yet so use ya brain a bit to follow this one ;o)

  • Here is something small im working on for mobile devices.

    In basic terms its GlitchTheGame for mobile.I think C2 is handling it pretty well so far.Shout out to TinySpeck for the assets!

    When you leave the clouds just keep going to the right and LVLs will change.

    Let me know what you think of the lvls.this is just the start,About 2 days of on and off work.

  • Katala awesome stuff bro,i really like the artwork and the wall jumping effect.will this game be on android?

  • Nice start RookieDev, looking forward to seeing how it progresses :)

  • Old School 3D Dungeon Exploration Test

    Comes with an editor (But the start position is hard coded - so don't break it). It can't cope with anything much more than 2x2 so don't do anything massively complicated. Stick to corridors ;-)

    I do plan to make it cope with far more complex dungeons and also more sophisticated views and movement options.

    My bigger picture plan is to have Wilderness Travel, Towns, Dungeons etc.. and have a central server that means you can meet other people when exploring.

    I may share the .capx but I'm a bit embarassed that my methods might be a bit crude! But then again, it would be nice to see if anyone would have done it differently.

  • Try now. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • RookieDev , Thanks. Player art is actually from Ninja Gaiden and walls from Castlevania 3 just to get some kind of NES type visual for now. I'm probably last person on this planet who doesn't own any Android device so not sure about that <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Isometric pathfind test


    w,a,s,d = move camera

    left mouse = move player

    right mouse = add wall

    middle mouse = remove wall

    It doesn't work quite as intended when there is no obstacles between (Only one node)

    And also going trough diagonal walls.

  • Isometric RTS tank test


    move = left mouse

    insert wall = right mouse

    remove wall = middle mouse

    insert target = T (mouse

  • Here we go...

    After 2 days of delirium induced rage... or was it rage induced delirium? Well, either way, i made an application that has a scaling ui that both adjusts its elements' positions and scales to fit every aspect ratio imaginable (works 100% of the time, every time), inluding text wrapping and so on. Also, it loads most of its data from a dropbox account, including a map of a city and a weather forecast. Also it features a news feed, which supports both images and text.


    Of course, it's made using every shortcut in the book and "just works", don't expect greatness of this project, also, the link will 404 in the near future...

    Buuut, i managed to run it successfully at my institution of education and not embarass myself, except for the small, little detail, that most of the people had no idea what i was talking about for half of the presentation - as if it wasn't bad enough that i threw technical terms left and right, i was also sleep deprived, which made everything even more incoherent... >_>

    *hides under a rock*

  • Needed some creative release that wasn't my main project.

    As a result I made this:


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