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  • Hi, just made a little capx file to test the performance since the project I'm making has got a lot of moving objects.

    Around 3300. That's on an i7 3300 with a GTX660 and Google Chrome.

  • > I just got Construct 2 about two days ago, because I really want to make a full out bullet hell SHMUP game.

    I think it's well done! Just way too hard for me :)

    But it's smooth, good pace, lots of action. Love the explosions and how it the yellow boxes all fly towards you.

    Thanks man. I've just finished the game, I'm about to post it on this sub-forum as its own thread.

    Edit: Actually, it seems the dropbox link updated to the final game. I guess you can just play it from there now actually. hah

  • Hi all!

    I started using Construct 2 in my teaching and so far we have made quite basic things. I watched quite a few YT tutorials and studied the examples and documentation and for our next project we are going to build something slightly larger.

    Students will build the same game, but design their own levels / mazes.

    The game is quite simple. You need to navigate the maze in zero G. If you go to fast there is a warning message and your ship is at risk of exploding.

    Controls are the three arrow keys up, left and right.

  • Edit: Actually, it seems the dropbox link updated to the final game. I guess you can just play it from there now actually. hah

    Very nice!

    Any chance you could share the capx? Really interested to learn how you did the explosions and the "auto-collecting" of the yellow extras.

  • Over here fps start to drop just below 3000 and Im on i5 2500 sandy, 560 and chrome.

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  • drag n drop gear test


    right mouse button to let them rotate

    the capx file


  • I was thinking about something with cogwheels two days ago, yours are a nice simple example.

  • Maybe not the right place to ask but why does the example not work with the revolute joints straight on the cogs and not the blue sprites?

    Just crashes.

  • because the blue sprites are the joints .....

  • Check out our first platform game! We'd love to know your opinion.

  • Here's my side-scrolling action game that I've done in three weeks so far, considering that I have basically no drawing skills lol.

    EDIT: newer version

  • Nice little game there

    It has it's own charm in terms of graphics!

  • yeah nice game

    the graphics are special ...has a charm on his own

  • I love the background music. And you graphics have a homeless charm that I like too. Nice game :)

  • Hi guys =]

    I'm creating a small game based on the mechanics from the SNES's Wild Guns.

    this is my first test,with main player's mechanics almost complete :

    Gameplay Test

    Arrows - move the character/crosshair around

    Z - Shoots

    X - Jumps

    Click on the screen to spawn a target and fire away.

    You can double jump, and if you try to jump while shooting, you will perform a small dodge.

    I'm aware that the idea of not being able to walk and shoot at the same time,or shoot in the air, might be a little annoying for some people , but the game works well with that concept of choosing wisely when to attack or when to perform your defensive maneuvers , wich are the jumps.

    i'll be posting more this week ^^

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