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Platform shooter mechanics inspired by an 8-bit blue robot. (mega man)
  • When the player collects a brain, HUD displays 1/0... 2/0...

  • Correct MadSpy

    1 / 0 .. 2 / 0

    The number on the left is collected brains The number on the right is saved brains. So after a level completion you actually save them, and once you collect 25 you get an extra life.

  • ok, it makes more sense with the explanation lol

  • Loving the gameplay so far. Quite polished and quite hard.

    On my Phenom II X6 1090T, GTX 570, 8GB RAM the game runs 60fps, cpu at 33 and mem usage at 25.5.

    If you're taking suggestions, I would suggest not to have bottomless pits underneath where you can't see. Most times I died was because I jumped down and realized there was not going to be any platforms underneath me.

    ...which segues nicely into the bug I found. If you fall down a bottomless pit and die, the next time you start the game and jump you will explode.

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  • Thanks ryanrybot

    I am open to any suggestions. Do think if I graphically notified the player of the pits that would help?

    That restart explode is a bug. I will have to sort that out. :/

  • I played it for about 20 minutes..

    all the art and animation is super polished, so it's hard not to treat it like a finished game... usually at this stage there's mostly temp art!

    anyways.. I really love the game, seems really great. I got excellent performance on my modest desktop AMD 4GB ram, 2GB gpu. But I wasn't able to see the game fullscreen, currently it's I think that will be a different test when you are able to play it at fullscreen.

    for having a healthbar it seems you have a lot of insta-death situations: hopping on the floating bubbles, falling too far, floor flame and pits (although the last one makes more sense).

    I also didn't think the elevator controls weren't intuitive.. it took me a sec to realize I had to push down to descend. too bad you don't have an "action" button.

    it would be great if you implemented a "look" feature with the right analog stick, allowing you to move the camera down a little and see whats below you (an endless pit or a platform).

    I didn't get that far, I died too many times. I can try again though this weekend.

    good job so far..

  • Love the gameplay. A lot. Running at 60 fps on i7 HD4600 in chrome, no jank or problems (30 to 40 percent cpu). I had one snag on a restart where my robot exploded into flaming pieces for no reason (I think I jumped) and I had to start over, otherwise it's looking really excellent!! Keep it up, you're doing it right!

  • oh also.. NW.js 10.5 FPS a constant 60, MEM USE never went over 16MBs which makes sense since your assets are so small.

    CPU stayed around 25/35 occasionally going to 40 for a second or so... I don't think you have anything to worry about performance-wise from what I've seen.

    you are targeting desktops right?

  • Gave it a playthrough, performance was solid. 60-61 fps, cpu never went higher than 25.

    I've got a 2.9ghz i3, 8GB of ram and a gtx 860m (2gb ram), so it's built like a mid range gaming laptop.

    A couple things about the game itself if I may. I played with a controller btw.

    • Mechanics were fairly solid, no issues with how it felt.
    • It looks great
    • Please enable joystick movement as well, as using the d-pad on a 360 pad sucks really badly.
    • I died from pits a lot, mainly because I didn't know they were pits. I would recommend having some kind of black gradient coming from the pits to signify that they result in death.
    • The fades felt reaaaaaaaally slow, seemed to take forever to start a new game
    • A quick restart button would be a very good idea
    • The enemies are really good sponge bullets. Honestly I would half their HP and maybe enough half how much ammo you get. Less is more.
    • Took me a second to get how an elevator works, maybe show a little icon signifying to press up or down?
    • I dunno how I did this, but I died right at the beginning by walking up to the elevator. I was pressing right and down if that helps, but it seems that I got crushed by the elevator or something?

    All in all though, I did have fun with the game. You are going in the right direction. Keep it up!

  • It's stupid hard at the moment. This is a pretty hard level, but one of the more taxing in terms of performance so the feedback on performance was exactly what I was after. That said, all the other feed back is also exactly what I needed.

    jobel Thank you (I'm an artist by trade) so even my concepts look polished lol. I may have to simplify health and rework that functionality. The elevator : Yes, I do need some sort of graphic indicator that make them more intuitive. I recently added the elevators so they have some issues at the moment. (as I am beginning to find out) Leaps of faith & look feature. I will have to re-implement my camera positioning, it seems to make more sense now after others have played. (I forget that I know where everything is)

    Yes, I am ultimately targeting desktop. The browser version was more of a for shits & giggles test to see how it performs.

    Colludium Thanks!! The restart jump explode bug was introduced after someone pointed out that you couldn't die on fall if you landed on the elevator platform. I have fixed it... but on restart you explode (I have fixed that as well)

    blekdar Awesome! Thanks for the performance results. Yes, the pits are an issue it seems for many. I will have to make it more recognizable that they are pits of death. I like your idea of a gradient! Along with a quick restart feature. (I have sped up the fades so it restarts a lot faster) I will pay close attention to less is more in relation to enemy HP and ammos. I have been struggling with finding that perfect balance between destroying enemies and ammo drop amounts. I didn't even think about the analog control for the 360 controller. I will keep that in mind and make that movement available as well.

    I updated the links and game again to reflect a couple of mentioned crucial issues.

      Jump explode bug : fixed Fades speed up : loads twice as fast Full Screen for NW 10.5

    Again, thank you for testing out the game thus far everyone! It's super helpful to get outside eyes and feedback.

  • If I may, a couple games with good + satisfying shot to kill ratio:

    Nuclear Throne (you can learn a lot from this one)

    Mega Man (any of them really, but I recommend 2,3, and 9)

    Gunstar heroes (this game is pure chaos, but still gives a good idea, and it's one of my personal favorites)

    Not that you should copy these, but I found these games are all very satisfying when you blow things up.

  • I think the difficulty is well proportioned . Maybe an exit sign could help the novice player at the end of level.

    Maybe a small adjustment enemies "brain flyer " who have too much HP ( especially those at mid height of a jump ).

    Edit: Yeah i die on the elevator too (But shooting from the elevator doesn't cause the weapon recoils effect)

  • Awesome, Thanks for the references. I'll look into these games further blekdar and yes, you may - anytime

    Nice find on the elevator in respects to recoil MadSpy I hadn't even noticed that. lol

  • I love elevators' bugs facecjf .... may be you could say I like to find bugs , some could bear witness lol

  • MadSpy has a particularly excellent bug finding talent - I can also attest to that!

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