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Platform shooter mechanics inspired by an 8-bit blue robot. (mega man)
  • I thought I would share a bit of the process. I have been going through my notes on my game, and it dawned on me how intensive the amount of thought, planning, and creating that goes into game development is. It's like no other process I have encountered. Here's a shot of the past 2 weeks of notes, ideas, and to-do lists.


    Some shots of early sketched ideas.



  • Update 2-22-15

    The screen below may not mean much, but it's a slight turn in a new direction. Currently the player has a set number of lives, along with the collection of extra lives via placements on the map. As it stands, it's pretty simple, and straightforward. To give the game a bit more ummf.. I have expanded on the theme of "brains" through out the game. Considering you and your foes are advanced cybernetic AI robots with human brains, and the story is based on the use of human brains... I added brain drops on the enemies.


    Kill an enemy, enemy drops a brain - player collects.

    If you die, brains are emitted (similar to sonic's rings) and the game is over. If you beat a level, without dying of course, you advance further in the game adding to the "Saved Brains" total from the collected brains from each level. The fun part is that after collecting X number of brains, you will be able to buy extra lives to overcome perma-death. In contrast if you don't purchase lives with the brains you have collected and continue to advance, you can loose ALL of your save brains and die. I still have a bit of testing to do, to see if this method works well as the game increases in difficulty.


    Update - EDIT

    Yay! Testing successful! Extra lives based on brain collection. In this case you need 50 brains to get extra life. (which has been rewarded previously on last scoring round)


    Brains collected = brains collected at level completion

    Brains Saved = Total brains left before extra life reward

  • 2/28/15

    Re-working the hud and user interface in the game. I needed a clean and cool way to present quite a bit of info with out just throwing a bunch of info along the top.


    I still need to work the colors, but I got everything working and functioning.

    More to come!

  • Still looking good Face, keep it up.

  • Still looking good Face, keep it up.

    Thanks a bunch!!


    Another HUD update


    Got rid of outlines, and darkened the HUD overlays to make the info pop a bit more.

  • 3/2/15

    A big part of the fun in the game is getting new weapons. With that, I have also added the ability to upgrade your weapons along the way - the green “2” in upper left HUD signifies a level 2 upgrade on selected weapon. ( currently up to 5 levels of upgrades per weapon) I needed a simple way of displaying updated weapons along with an easy way to apply upgrades


    Here is a quick update of the (WIP) Weapon Upgrade screen


    Like any update, changing one thing typically results in changing everything else I recently created and updated the HUD interface, and in doing so I ended up applying the same style on the rest of the interface. Scoring screen, Upgrades screen, etc…


  • I'm digging the graphics for this game, great style. Can't wait to see more!

  • Holy moly, your game looks freakin' awesome. You have some sweet pixel work there.

  • Thank you MtnHermit !

    Thanks a lot! atomoso

    I really appreciate all the kind words. Helps keep me motivated on the game.

    Here's an animated gif of cycling through the weapons upgrade screen. As you scroll through all of the weapons, it checks an array for the weapons I created to see if you have the current selected weapon or not. If so the level of upgrades is displayed, and you can than apply an upgrade to that weapon. If you have not collected the weapon, a message “NOT COLLECTED” is displayed.


  • Looking really good facecjf!

    It looks like your upgrade screen is just an overlay. I was curious, will you have the game pause while the menu is up or will the game still run behind the menu?

  • Looking really good facecjf!

    It looks like your upgrade screen is just an overlay. I was curious, will you have the game pause while the menu is up or will the game still run behind the menu?

    It's a separate screen, but is setup for the ability to overlay... Though, at the moment, upgrades can only be applied at the end of a level after scoring screen. Basically it checks to see if you collected an upgrade after scoring (at the moment this happens after 5 levels and 5 item collections) If you have an upgrade point, than you are taken to upgrades screen - where you can apply and remove upgrade points per weapon you have collected. OR If you want it to be insanely hard, you could skip upgrades all together.

    I have been toying with the idea of making it accessible via the pause menu, but it's too early to tell how it will all flow without having actual levels laid out.

  • Man, this is all looking so good! I really like your UI design.

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  • Whoah-ho! Impressive! This game has potential, dude, good job!

  • Thanks ! I've been spending a lot of time on the UI. It's hard sometimes cause what makes sense to me may not always translate to the player.

    Thanks a lot It means a lot

  • No problem, facecjf, I'm very excited to see the final product of your work!

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