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Platform shooter mechanics inspired by an 8-bit blue robot. (mega man)
  • Please let me know when you have a playable beta!

  • facecjf luisgmolina

    Sorry for the off topic, but I saw the discussion on page-2 on how you make your gifs movies and wanted to reply. There is a small free program called GifCam which is light, easy to use and quicker imho. I hope it helps.

    Anyway, once I again I want to say that you have an awesome looking game.


  • Will do! Iolva The Scirra forums (here) is where I will post the alpha demo when I'm ready for feedback

    Thanks atomoso and no worries I use Gifcam for my quick and simple gifs. Great tool!

    It lacks in frame rate speed (max is 33 fps) which kinda sucks for the lengthier and faster exports, tends to make them look choppy. Which in most cases is fine unless you want to show smooth movement.

  • I just wanted to say that the artwork and animation on this game look awesome and I can't wait to play it.

    Your art style is similar to mine, and you've given me inspiration for what game I'm going to work on next.

    I'm still working on my first one, WIP title: Mote Runner. It's a one-touch platform runner.

    All the assets where made by me (expect the background which came from the starter pack. I'm using it as a placeholder until I get around to making my own). I have most of the mechanics in, but I just don't know where to go from here.

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  • Thanks a lot Mattrix ! I really appreciate it. I'm glad that my game is in inspiring.

    Seems you have everything in place for a nice game. How far can you go and how many coins can you collect on the way. Add a high score board, tweak your HUD graphics and bam! You have a game.

    For me I built numerous prototypes with no real direction I just wanted to make something. Somethings were cool, some were lame. When I began with Robot 505, I had played around with creating some simple gun mechanics, for fun and with no game in mind. From there on it grew and grew.

    In any event I like what you got so far.

    I will posting here first with a playable alpha demo soon...

  • Cheers It's an infinite Platform Runner (levels are premade, rather than randomly generated). At the moment it just loops through the same level (reach the end and you teleport back to the beginning), the coins respawning each time. It just keep looping until you die 3 times, then game over.

    I figure the goal will be aiming for a highscore, based on number of coins * number of loops (or something like that). Maybe do a star rating, and once you hit a certain amount of points you can move to the next level. I'm still on the free version of Construct2, so I probably can't make the game too big.

    I still have a lot to do:

    • clean up the current character animations, and add some more (I want at least 4 jump, 3 run and 4 fall animations, all randomly chosen).
    • create my own background
    • clean up the HUD (I have a basic idea of what I want to look like).
    • create more levels
    • create the score screens between levels
    • intro/splash screens
    • etc

    Lots to do, lots to do.

    I'm looking forward to your alpha demo.

  • 3/15/15

    Just a quick update on some added obstacles. I added conveyor belts which can be used to your advantage or disadvantage.


    And I added some deadly one hit spikes.


  • 4-17-15

    Feels like it's been ages... Been super busy with client needs, but I managed, with some help from the ever so helpful Scirra community, to bring some life to my boss for Robot 505 recently. This boss currently named “The Maker” is a giant robot head attached to the surrounding AI factory with hoses. (that will hopefully pump brains) and spawn walkers.

    Boss "The Maker" Concept

    screen of "The Maker" development progress - Hoses Work

    Changes & Additions:

    • Level and Progression : 1-3 levels + 1 boss level = round (previously 1-5 and a 6th level boss took too long and got boring fast)
    • 25 brains = extra life (was 50) Will likely change as difficulty increases.
    • Weapon Upgrades are awarded randomly on levels along with completion of 3 levels.
    • More loot drops (weapons, power ups, etc)
    • Loot pick up identification. - (tells you what you picked up)
    • Weapon upgrades are more apparent - colored shots hlep to signal to player the level of upgrade applied to selected gun.
    • ALL Weapon upgrades implemented (still have some weapons in the works)
    • Added Music (yay!)
    • All items collect properly (was a bug where some items would not collect)

    All in all everything is working really well. Core mechanics are super solid at this point and everything is working as I intended.

    Stay tuned - Will be posting progress of “The Maker” boss as I work on it.

  • This looks awesome. Love the crisp art style. This makes me want to dig into my old design ideas and cobble something together.. I think we all have a game idea that includes robots ;p

    Another game I'll be keeping my eye on!

  • Thanks!! procrastinator

    An updated screen of "The Maker" boss

    Added Armor to the feeder hose connections that will move and reveal weak spots... but it won't be easy

  • 4-18-15

    "The Maker" Boss Progress

    Quick animated shot of the maker boss. Far from complete at the moment. Working on states and timing.

  • That is one awesome looking boss, facecjf! The cables certainly turned out well.

  • Amazing facecjf . I'll keep an eye on your game

  • Wow looking brilliant so far!

  • Thanks! ryanrybot They took a bit to get working, so I'm pleased at how they look.

    MadSpy , EXPFall Thank you!

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