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Platform shooter mechanics inspired by an 8-bit blue robot. (mega man)
  • facecjf I downloaded your latest NW.js but it still wasn't full screen... did you do Browser Object-> Request Fullscreen ?

    also it's still "windowed".. not sure if that will make a difference. I was able to maximize it, but technically that's not fullscreen.

  • There should be a badge for that MadSpy

    I can see that Colludium

    I meant too jobel - I had the Request Fullscreen disabled on accident.

    Spent some time yesterday and early this AM to fix a few issues brought up, and re-worked a couple of other things.

    Fixes :

      - Endless pit jump death restart bug : really fixed – seems it still would exist if you advanced to the next level with an extra life. - Elevator / Recoil bug – Fixed

    Tweaks / Adjustments / Adds :

      - Camera positioning : When the player is not moving, and not in action (firing) you can hold up or down to look in either direction. The position of the camera is also adjusted to aid with “Leaps of faith” - Elevator Signaling : I didn't want to add an action or switch to the elevator for I feel it mucks things up. Rather I added an indicator animation to the elevator platform that says either what position the platform is currently in or moving in. - Gradient Added to Pits : The bottomless pits are more noticeable. - Ammo / Amount / Frequency : Ammo drops are less frequent, and the amounts provided are random. - Shoot to Kill Ratio : reworked this a bit. ( Thanks

      blekdar for the homework ) It's much easier out of the gate. (this isn't fully polished) I need to play around a bit more with some of the other weapons and their upgrades.

    - Analog movement support : Analog movement is now added.

    Links updated

    Browser Version

    Desktop Version. (exported to NW 10.5 - zipped)

    Thanks again everyone for testing it out and providing feedback. It's rather helpful to say the least.

  • Hi,

    May be you can set the cursor mouse to none on start layout condition

    It seems the cam scroll (quickly) to the top of your layer/layout when the player falls in the deep of pits and dies.

  • That is supposed to be fixed! MadSpy lol Thanks, I'll look into it some more.

  • Robot 505 - Demo Update :

    (v0.1.4 - pre alpha)

    Fixes :

      Random Death Bug : player would randomly explode – Now fixed Camera Quick Return Bug : camera would quickly return to the start position (thanks

      MadSpy !)

    Elevator camera control bug : sometimes disabling the camera control on elevator wouldn't work - should be fixed

    Crusher not killing player on first hit : (I think) I have fixed this. It's super random, and from what I can tell maybe a result of NW and collisions.

    Adds / Tweaks :

      Refined the weapon shoot to kill ratio further – I feel there is room for more. Added more dynamic explosions Added a bit more screen shake Refined the analog movement in relation to camera controls

    Browser Version (*testing purpose only – for I am not targeting browsers)

    Desktop Versions

    NW 10.5 32bit

    NW 12 64bit

    Next order of business is to start on some more level design.

  • Love the art and the colors, keep on the good work!

  • Hi,

    Crusher definitly kills player even if player collide on crusher in down position. Same if the player is below the crusher but that's normal.

    There is something that I find a bit frustrating : when we advance towards the elevator , sometimes it goes over the hole without falling , and once one falls into the hole (like we miss walking) .

    EDIT: test on NW10.5 and NW12

  • Thanks jordyadan I appreciate it

    Yeah MadSpy the crushers, if the light is flashing it will kill you. I'm still finding that on quick movements every once and a while it won't injure or kill player. I think the gaps on elevator platform sides may be too narrow, you're right... when the player moves fast it sometimes hops over, other times it will fall. I think I can resolve this with shortening the platforms a tad. (or the colliders for them)

    I will fix that and the crushers (again lol) and post an update soon.

  • Maybe an empty sprite on the ground under the crushers for testing overlap (with player) will correct your pb

  • :/ MadSpy there is one. lol

    Seems I need one on the crusher.

  • 5-8-15 Demo Devlog Update

    First and foremost, I want to thank all those who have played, supported, found bugs, and offered feedback in respects to Robot 505. It's rather emotional to see people enjoying something you created (in your room, behind closed doors in solitude...) This first bit of demo'ing has been super rewarding – I plan to keep that up.

    I got some really great feedback and some motivational comments as well.

    A couple of issues that were brought up were :

      Hard to tell which direction the player is facing Game over / and restart sequence is way too long Crushers bug : Crushers not always killing player Can I haz Bigger levels please? Instant deaths in a shooting game? Can't tell when enemies are hit - (Likely WebGL issue) UI / HUD : hard to tell what info is important. “Your game is unfinished, so it's crap” I know it's a demo. Thanks.

    The Plus's :

      Solid mechanics & movement TONS of potential Great artwork

    The first change I made and applied right away was the Game over long restart sequence. Now when you die, you have the option to quickly restart.

    Player Directional Issues :

    I had a hard time with this one. I didn't want to change the player entirely – Which would force me to change a lot of artwork. Instead I thought about how I can create subtle changes to cue to the player what direction you are facing. The solution was to add a battery/backpack and a bit of aggressive lines to Robot 505 (#4 is the chosen one)

    UI / HUD / Communication issues :

    Once someone had pointed out some of the issues, I began to realize that a good portion of the info showed during game play is really irrelevant to, well... game play. The timer takes up a bunch of space, yet it's really not important. It's something left over from the original direction. Spawned enemies for X amount of time. Well that no longer exists... and all it really serves now, is a bonus at scoring. Ammo, Weapon, and Health is the most important info at game play.

    I'm not 100% dead set on changes to HUD... So any and all feedback is welcome.

    I'll be making a few more updates throughout the weekend, at which point I will apply updates to the current build. It seems at this point the game is kind of organic in a sense that it's going to be changing as it's live. This isn't the initial direction I wanted to take, but I'm rather pleased considering it's bringing in TONS of great feedback.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  • I'm really digging the new 505! The new angles make it look pretty rad.

    I like the new hud as well. A minor concern would be that the smaller text doesn't have room to breathe and may not be entirely readable at a quick glance. The larger text in the top left helps balance the space, as well as utilizing the bottom corners for UI elements. The single biggest hurdle with designing a UI is deciding what your primary, secondary and tertiary elements are and only showing what is needed at that moment. If you show everything, it actually become less efficient.

    Excellent, progress though. I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  • 5-15-15 Demo 0.1.5 alpha UPDATE Devlog

    Okay, it has been a minute and I haven't posted as much as I would like. But I promise it's worth it.

    Last time I posted I talked about the feedback and changes I would be making based on said feedback. I based my decisions on what to change and rethink based on the frequency of a particular issue or request. I tackled the insanely long “game over” issue and updated immediately, so people wouldn't have to wait every time they died. That was the single most brought up issue.

    Player Directional issue :

    Artwork is updated and all in game. I added an aggressive look and backpack to 505. The addition of the backpack brought an unexpected idea and implementation to the game... The 'Holo-Spawn' A friend said “it would be neat to get an extra life and then your backpack would be able to drop a re-spawn point”

    Holo-Spawn : (WIP)

    Now when you collect an extra life by finding the secret room just right of the first elevator by shooting the blocks repeatedly – yes seeing if people actually read my shit cause, I just gave away a secret <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile"> The light on your backpack will turn from red to green – then you can hold the B button or C key for 2 seconds and drop a Holo-Spawn point. This will save your progress from that point on. When you die after dropping a spawn point you re-spawn at that point. If you don't drop a spawn point you start back at the beginning of the level and no progress is saved.

    HUD Useless Info Issue :

    The new HUD changes are now updated, in game, and working. I was at first a bit leery on this change because I really liked the balance of the symmetric HUD prior, but in terms of information and real-estate this new layout is much more efficient and useful. Brief explanation below.

    Frick'n “Lasers” :

    I wanted a couple more obstacles so I added some frick'n lasers to the mix. They are old school in function, they all fir in unison and are timed. I like them. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

    Bigger Levels & Insta-deaths :

    It's still only one level at the moment, but it's massive. 4X bigger than the previous. I got rid of the bottomless pits, but kept spikes and crushers. I'm not going to get into the “shooters shouldn't have this or that” Show me a rule book and perhaps I may follow it.

    Desktop Exports (YAY!) :

    I have exported versions of the new demo for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I am unable to Linux builds, but I am using NW.js 12 and from what I have read Ubuntu and other distros should be supported. If you find any errors or run into issues on install, just let me know so I can attempt to resolve it.

    Other than that, I polished and refined some artwork. Adding directional signaling on the elevators, when they are returning to let the player know what is going on. I also added a tiny bit of parallax to the background texture to give it a bit more depth. There are a few more things but minor in detail, perhaps you'll spot or hear them.

    I have a laundry list of other things to work on, but as people are playing I want to keep the build current in hopes to get ideas and inspiration to keep chugging along.

    Game Links :

    Desktop Versions : : Just go to bottom of page

    Online Version - Scirra Arcade : ... 5-demo-138

  • I did a quick test. Amazing work

    Special mention for the elevator music. lag between the atmosphere and the music is really well chosen (funny side).

    It is always a good thing to have a secret room ( I will feel forced to take on all the walls to check ) .

    I like the aggressive look of the robot and the design of lasers.

    The amount of HP of "flying brains " is perfect ( neither too much nor too little) .

    I thought I detected a problem or two but I will check again later.

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  • Thanks MadSpy If you are referring to crushers again.. This time I actually fixed them. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_wink.gif" alt=";)" title="Wink">

    I thought I did previously but it was brought up again and again by other players. I Almost scraped them entirely, until I gave it one more try. I added a variable “isMoving” (true/false) to the crusher. When moving down “isMoving” is true and the cruasher can kill. On collision with the floor (collider) “isMoving” is set to false - and on crusher down or on returning to start position - It can no longer kill you.

    The down - or crush position was just that, a positional setting. No movement. Which is why my colliders were not triggering. I added actual movement to the crushers instead of the positional setting, so that the collider for killing actually collides with the ‘hit’ collider on the player.

    Video with visible colliders:

    I'll be posting an updated demo with crusher fix and a couple other tweaks (like the stun duration of the flying enemies) shortly

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