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Platform shooter mechanics inspired by an 8-bit blue robot. (mega man)
  • Have you thought about making the bullet shells bounce off the ground before they fade out?

    I know it's a minor cosmetic thing but i think it would be kind of cool, i remember it was a simple trick done a lot during my multimedia fusion days.

  • Have you thought about making the bullet shells bounce off the ground before they fade out?

    I know it's a minor cosmetic thing but i think it would be kind of cool, i remember it was a simple trick done a lot during my multimedia fusion days.

    Actually, I have. My only concern is performance.. :/ The shells currently use physics (not the best method, I know), so creating and destroying them is a tad taxing - especially as the weapons progress and shoot faster. I assume that a bounce off the ground would only add to a drawback in performance. That said, any insight on how to handle this more efficiently would be great

  • facecjf here you go.

    Demo, click mouse-


    I'm sure some smart person on the forum could come up with a much simpler way, probably involving a maths formula, but it works ok, play with the values, and you'd have to check performance though.

  • Wow. Thanks Ethan Clever work! Works really well - You may have just solved a major optimization challenge for me and added a great effect to boot!

    I'll test it out in the game and let you know how it handles.

  • Cool project, glad it might help.

    It just occurred to me you need to alter the destroy code, i was playing around with something else when i did this so i don't think they're being destroyed unless they get stuck in a wall. Oh and it's not set up for delta time. They should both be minor adjustments though.

  • REALLY nice! I gotta step up my Platformers then... Btw who did the music, and in what program?

  • Thanks HerrVonClaussen The music is an asset pack by Ricky Vuckovic / Play - SID Chip Music :!/content/14450

    I'm not sure what program he used.

  • Wow, please let me know when it's ready! Truly awesome work!

  • Thank you Iolva Will do!

    Quick Update

    A quick animated shot of a Quantum CPU / Mini Boss I am working on...

    And a shot with it's protective shields off, revealing the heat sinks

  • Devlog Update 6/7/15

    It’s been about 2 weeks since my last Robot 505 update. Rest assured there is a reason for the brief hiatus. I’ve been plugging away on refining, fixing, & polishing the current game build. Along with that, I have been getting a constant stream of feedback, and ideas. Things to fix, things to rethink, and thinks to maybe add. Which is great cause it’s slowed me down a bit to focus on player experience vs just building to build. I’m loving the develop / demo as you go approach. The feedback seems more potent and genuine. It’s kinda like working with a team – more heads and ideas – the merrier.

    I mentioned in my last update a few things to expect in the next demo… One of which was a 2nd level. Well this still holds true… There will ALSO be a 3rd level too! I wanted to have a more complete version of a demo for people to play. This will allow for difficulty progression.. Easy to harder. As it stands right now.. It’s just hard. Which is okay, but I would like to lessen the frustration right out of the gate for new players. I have to remind myself that – I’m not the only player!

    Fall death still seems to be an issue. It’s an issue I am okay with. I’m finding it’s really a matter of player preference. With that said it’s spawned some great ideas on how to handle it. One of which is not an entirely new idea but one that’s brought up a lot when discussing this issue. A Jet-pack Perk that would give you momentary hovering ability. I haven’t fully implemented this, but the idea is that it would be an earned perk, and could be used to save yourself from fall height deaths, along with the un-intended ability to hover and attack, which would lessen some of the jumping and jump pads.

    What to expect in next DEMO update:

    • Fixed the crushers. They finally work as intended Also added the ability to the crushers to just miss the player – based on player positioning. If you are moving along and the crusher just nicks you, you get injured a tad and do not die. Like a close call.
    • Level 2
    • Level 3
    • Added a mini boss - “The Quantum CPU”
    • Jet-Pack Perk
    • Shape shifting crates – maybe an enemy – maybe a perk.
    • Less frequency of elevator music
    • Duration of stun lessened – from flying patrolers.

    Quick shot of the mock-up of Level 3:

    I’m shooting for an update to the demo by Friday (hopefully) If everything goes smooth and I don’t run into any major issues. I’m likely going to make sure that at the very least that All three levels, and major fixes will be available by Friday. Implementation shape shifting crates and jet-pack perk will depend on how smooth the development of them goes, and maybe reserved for another future update.

    To all those playing, sending feedback, and uplifting comments, Thank you!


  • Hi, found your thread! I'm that commenter on the Arcade from a while ago. Can't believe I missed a 10-page devlog like yours - I must have been away from Scirra for too long.

    I really appreciate the varied level designs you're opting for. Elevators, springs, indoor-outdoor zones, and from the looks of it, extremely kickass bosses and minibosses. Your project is an awesome source of inspiration! I'll have a lot to learn from it once I get back to my own game project.

    Many people have said it, but your art style really is fantastic, and also very consistent. I furrowed my eyebrows when I saw your first rendition of The Maker, but then your next post came and you totally nailed it back. It's looking as good as ever.

    Best of luck! The new miniboss looks terrific as well.

  • Thanks for the kind words Nixel It's great to hear that my project is a source of inspiration. That alone makes it all worth it

  • Robot 505 Demo Update v0.1.505a

    I'm a little late, but a new demo is available to play! 3 levels and a Boss Level – along with the mini boss (on level 1). Made some changes, optimized enemy spawning, fixed a bunch of minor issues.

    Updates & Changes

    • Level 2 has become level 1
    • Level 1 has become level 2
    • Level 3 is... Well... Level 3
    • 4th Level is the main boss level.
    • I removed the fall death on the player. Jump or Fall from where ever you like. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">
    • Spikes still kill
    • Crushers (still kill) and are working perfectly as expected. They can be a bit more forgiving since I added a close call function to them. When you have a speed boost or in the thick of battle the crushers wont be as nasty.. They do still kill you on the downward crusher contact.
    • WASD and updated Keyboard controls. - Many issues due to the keyboard configuration. I don't get it, cause I typically play with a gamepad. (which greatly improves game play) But I made adjustments based on feedback and testing.
    • Quantum CPU Minin Boss : added to level 1.
    • Shape shifting crates have NOT been implemented yet. Still testing them out.
    • Potential Hover Ability – NOT added due to fall death removal

    I also added Leader Board functionality.

    If you want to be ranked for high scores head over to the Scirra Arcade and play Robot 505 :

    Downloads for the Robot 505 Demo :

    I still have to bang out a bunch of story and promo art along with adding some cinematics to the mini boss and main boss levels.

    Updated Controls :

    More to come, and as always feedback is welcome and have fun!

  • OK.... I'm going to find time this evening to check this out! It's looking good!

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  • I'll test this new version soon... and I have to found all the secret places facecjf

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