No More Probes - Survival/RTS - [Greenlit]

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    Hi everyone! This is "No More Probes" ( Stuff )

    "The year is 198X and Earth is under attack. The Invaders came through slipspace and attacked us without warning, decimating all our defenses within a day. Everybody is either captured or dead. Everybody but me.

    I have been called a hobo, crazy war veteran, or just a nobody, but now I am all that stands between total defeat and hope for mankind.

    With the help of my new friend, a small alien artifact, I will put to use my engineering knowledge, so I can build various defense gadgets from the junk I collect and fight back the aggressors. I will make them pay for what they did to me back in the day.

    Days and nights will pass, and I will need all of my retro gaming skills to repel the invasion."

    There is a random factor in the game when it comes to enemies, power-ups, obstacles and and other secret stuff

    Day screenshot

    Night screenshot

    The Hero

  • This looks awsome! Seems to be a really unique system as well! Good job so far!

  • Beaverlicious: Thank you!


    • re-worked all art assets and behavior for my second robot invader
  • This is so fallout-looking. Love it.

  • Looks really fun! And yes the colors are very fallout 1/2 looking, great job.

  • Silverforce: Thanks mate. This time I am really happy with how it is turning out.

    Windwalker : Wow thanks. Lately I am getting a lot of comments pointing out the similarities to the old Fallout games.

    I'm going for a Genesis - SNES look for the game which I guess helps for that impression.

    DevLog Update #3

    • updated the art assets and code for the "crawler" ( Nom-Nom )
    • PopNut sentries now can be hit only once per 2 seconds

    Nom-Nom Behavior

    • enemy will look for your position and then go to it
    • enemy will ignore solid obstacles while digging ( moving )
    • enemy will attack you if it is beneath you
    • on arrival enemy will look again for player position

    I like how it turned out, because it gives you pressure to not stay on one spot for to long

  • This looks so good, very impressed.

  • dthomasdigital: Thank you mate.

    DevLog Update #4

    • sentries now create light during night thus increasing your vision
    • new art for "Warp" power-up
    • started work on bonus stages
    • the main thing in this update is the weather effects. They happen on random when you start a level. For now there are "Rain" and "Dust Storm"
  • Wow !!! The art and style is amazing . Keep up the good work !

  • THIS WAS DONE WITH CONSTRUCT2? WOW!!!! Now I have a goal to shoot for. Truly amazing!!!! Once you know what something is capable of you just have to imagine it and then do it.

    Great motivation to be more creative and open to the possibilities.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Very, very good! Excellent artwork.

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  • Softloulou: Thank you.

    Colludium: Thanks. Appreciate your comment.

    ALLMarkMade: Comments like this fill my engine. Thank you all!

    DevLog Update #5

    Today's update is rather small, but I wanted to take a little brake from the project. I did a short presentation in my home town in a Indie game showcase and it went pretty well. When and if I receive some footage I will post it here

    • redesigned the spawn system for Power Ups
    • Power Ups now float around and bounce of solid objects
    • new art assets for power ups
    • new art asset for PU_shield

    Here is some fresh footage from my current PreAlpha Build

    I almost forgot to mention that now, I have a website for "NMP". You can check it out here at:

  • The amount of details and little animations is amazing - true eye candy

  • Looks busy and detailed. Good work

  • glazba: Yeah... and I want to put so much more. Thanks for the comment.

    Harishankar: Thank you. Much appreciated!

    DevLog Update#6

    Today's update is rather small, but I wanted to share it nevertheless.

    • enemies now flash when hit
    • enemies will sometimes spawn FX with damage number on hit
    • "destroyed" animation updated for all robots
    • new particle for "destroyed" animation
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