No More Probes - Survival/RTS - [Greenlit]

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  • Colludium Thank you.

    As you may already know I've started my Greenlight campaign. If you like what I do, or just want to help a dream come true go Here  and vote for the Resistance.

    Meanwhile I will get back to work as I am preparing a new build for the alpha. This time there will be a proper tutorial level and I will address all of the feedback from the latest posts.


  • Build 1.23.00 is live.


    • tutorial level added
    • updated all animations for the main hero for better readability
    • now you can go back to Map menu by pressing 'Backspace'
    • added visual feedback for getting resources - '+1J, +1P, +1E'
    • new animation for video feed
    • build navigation icon will flash when pressed


    • you won't be able to repair turrets that are at max hitpoints and thus go negative processors


    • controlling build menu with gamepad moved from d-pad to left and right bumpers
    • movement will cancel build orders
    • removed orbital strike obstacle when the timer goes over 120 sec. for a wave

    regisRquoi , Inversion - Once again, thank you guys. Thanks for the feedback. It really helps me a lot.

    I plan for the next update to add a build meter and do some work on the sound front. There are a lot of sounds that are missing and adding them will make the game a bit more understandable.

    In the meantime if you have some spare time, pls go and play the tutorial ( first ) level and let me know what you think of it.


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  • Voted for this piece of awsomeness!

  • Voted and added it to my collection of C2 games on Steam Greenlight ... =103535227

    Good look with Greenlight and Alpha

  • DevLog# 14

    Here is what's new in Build 1.23.02


    • new animation for winning a level
    • new animation for losing a level
    • game will let you know if you won/ lost a level


    • robots will talk smack near you
    • most of the obstacles now have sounds
    • new soundfx for RC copter
    • new step sounds for main character
    • additional sounds added


    • turrets won't shoot if you are low on energy
    • highscore will reset if you lose a level
    • small bug fixes
  • Is that what I think it is under his coat?

    Also that explode animation is neat™, but those upwards moving particles in the last couple of frames seem a bit out of place.

  • Somebody

    Well, actually.... OK it is what you think it is.

    Those "moving particles" should be smoke trails from the disintegration of the matter, but it seems I didn't do a great job showing it.

  • Presentation is super slick, and I like the concept. Voted, good luck with this.

  • Hi

    it is surely one of the best games I've seen programmed with construct 2.

    the tutorial is very helpful and I really like the graphics (great atmosphere survival).

    But have you the graphics done by yourself?

    Also I want to make a similar game survival (I'm already ahead with programming) but I do not know how to go about the animation of the sprite.

    Do you have any advice?

    good job Angiel

  • Angiel Hey man, thanks for the comment and also for finding the time to play NMP. I am really glad that you found the tutorial level to be useful. That is some sweet feedback for my ears.

    Now onto your questions:

    I do all the work for NMP except the music, which is done by a friend of mine. When I started, I had almost no experience in pixel art animation, but I do make games for more than 10 years now, so transition was fairly quick for me. I also come from animation background and that helps.

    If I have to give you an advice I will say, go look at others people works. Find artists that you like and study their work. Here are some that I like Paul Robertson or Miquelito

    I can also recommend that you go and take a look at This thread. There some really insightful stuff people post.

    The other thing is hard work and those 10000 hours.

    Not sure this was of any use to you, but if you have any pixel art related questions just pm me, and I will try to help out.

  • DevLog# 15

    • updated main menu visuals with new animations and fx
    • added build meter
    • new controls screens for keyboard and game pad
    • fixed a bug where you couldn't complete the bonus stage on keyboard
    • fixed a bug which prevented you to complete the boss stage
  • DevLog #16

    • new bonus track
    • bonus stage is now ready
  • cool & funny game,, good luck !

    i like your crazy graphics

  • Ralph - Thanks mate

    Awesome news everyone. "No More Probes" has been greenlit! I am so happy right now. Thanks to all 3333 of you who took interest and supported my game.

    New quest unlocked - Finish The Game

  • That's wicked! Congrats man!

    So question then, how many votes did it take?

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