No More Probes - Survival/RTS - [Greenlit]

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  • Inversion

    Cool, let me know what you think about it.


    Hehehehe, thanks.


    This one is a design decision as I want the game to be a survival at heart. You have to find time and space to be able to build or get hit by a robot and do it anyway. Thanks for playing!


    I have to agree with you on all points. The bad language is not needed, and as pointed below I have addressed that. I am still pondering on where to stop on that. Comedy + cartoon + gore can lead to some very interesting results. Think "Mars Attacks!" comics. Thanks for writing all that suggestions. As you will see I have already implemented some of them, but the rest will come to.

    Once again thank you all for playing the game.

    Now here is what has changed in version 1.22.02

    • you can now scavenge junk parts more easily as the radius is increased from 30 to 40
    • the game won't charge you bellow 0 processors if you mash the repair button over a sentry
    • you can now cancel a Build order ( 'B' on gamepad, "Esc" on keyboard ), but still can't move while building
    • bad language removed from the game and replaced with other phrases. updated some of them to sound better
    • you won't need to turn back on the generator once you have reached energy above 0. It will turn On automatically
    • when a PopNut Sentry is ready to be placed the slots will shine letting you know where you can put it
    • the main protagonist will let you know when there is no Energy in the generator
    • the main protagonist will say how to charge it if you are near it and it has no energy
    • he will also let you know how you can gather junk parts if you are at 0
    • the hero will let you know when you can build a gadget
    • fixed a bug where the game won't show you the controls when using a gameplad
    • "Stage 1" will show at level 1 instead of "Tutorial"

    Anyway the latest build is 1.22.02 Please let me know what you think about the changes.

    Btw I am not sure why, but my browser keeps forgetting to get the new version of the build and I have to refresh the page a couple of time before it do. Does anyone know a work around that?

  • San

    This one is a design decision as I want the game to be a survival at heart. You have to find time and space to be able to build or get hit by a robot and do it anyway. Thanks for playing!

    Fair enough and I definitely like that idea, but right now it's not clear how long it would take to construct it. That was my pet peeve with it

    Also I'm not sure why it is happening, but sometimes you keep on walking on auto pilot, when releasing the movement keys. Mostly when rapidly spamming WASD to evade the enemies. Spamming the WASD keys some more gives you back control, it's fairly easy to reproduce

  • Pretty good game, once you polish up the programming a bit it will be great.

    I did have one match where I started with negative junk. I am not sure if this is a design feature or a bug. I died while building something the round before, and I believe it probably had something to do with that.

    On one other instance, I had 37 junk, when I attempted to build it told me that I needed negative one junk. When attempted to build about 10 seconds later it worked. I might have been seeing things, but I am pretty sure that is what it said.

    A small grace-period when probes spawn would be nice. I had one spawn within about 30-40 pixels and took damage immediately.

    Wouldn't mind a bit of a glow on the probes at night as well. It was hard to locations of new probes when they spawned. I am so-so on this opinion, but at the very least you should weigh the options.

    A small health bar or notification for the turrets would be nice, it was hard to tell if they were damaged.

    Like most of the others said, tool-tips would go a very long way to improve the game-play.

    A few other thoughts in the form of pictures:




  • Figured out one of the control screen bugs.


    If you would like me to clarify anything I mentioned, just give me a heads up. Keep up the good work.

  • Lol disregard my previous comment about it taking to long to build, APPARENTLY you need to press space to place the structure and the actual construction takes 3 taps on the anvil. Here's what happened, why it drew that conclusion

    Once I'd constructed the turret (tapping 1, when I had enough resources) I proceeded to the turret platforms where the blue(green) print snaps in place, and pressed 1 again, I was in build mode once more. Banging away with the hammer on the anvil and not being able to move. I was under the impression this is where he was erecting the structure, just lacking a build progress indicator (what with being alpha and all). But as you can guess, it took forever and by the time I thought was a reasonable construction time, the drones were already knocking on the door (killing me). Basically you are stuck in build mode forever.


  • San

    I think, I know why this is happening. Will fix it tonight.

    Regarding the auto-walk bug, I have tried to reproduce it, but nothing happened. Are you sure you are not stepping on the "Oil stain" obstacle? It has the effect that your feet get oily and you can't stop for a short time. You can track it by the small steps you leave when the effect is on.


    Tonight I will investigate all of your feedback and will fix all of them.

    Probes are hard to see during nigh by design as I want it to be risky to go outside your vision. There is an upgare to the generator ( the anvil ) which makes them visible during night and reveal their healthbars

    Although I will think about making the visible for a short time as they warp in.

    Thank you guys, will be posting an update tonight!

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  • Update 1.22.03 is Live. Here are the changes:

    • the game will make sure that you always start with at least 0 Junk. If you lose a level the next game will start with 0 Junk, if you won the collected amount will carry to the next.
    • fallen satellite probes will now give you 20 instead of 10 energy when you collect them.
    • fixed a bug where if you cancel the build order for Canartche-1000 ( the rc-helicopter ) you can't build no more.
    • robots won't be able to hit the player if they spawn on top of him. 2 seconds.
    • robots now create a red light during night when they spawn or are destroyed.
    • added "GoBack" button to the temporary "Controls" screen. You can also yous 'Esc' or 'B' on gamepad.
    • fixed a bug where you can hear the clicks in the "Main Menu" from previous pages.
    • fixed a bug where you got stuck in building mode if you press build again.
    • added functionality to "Settings" section in the "Main Menu" screen. You now can set fullscreen, turn-on/off sounds and music.

    Thank you all!

  • atomoso

    Very proactive about feed back, I like it.

    Still an issue with the control screen though, I am still able to click the website and back button (the one from the title screen) through it.

    ran into the issue of having what seems to be the proper amount of materials and not being able to build again.


    Right afterwards I was it also said "I need -1 Junk"

    Not sure about this one either. Had 35 junk, and it told me I needed 8.


    Muting the game sound effects after the match is over would also be nice. As I type, I can hear about 20 probes mauling my dead corpse.

    A glow on the lava at night might be kinda cool.

    And finally, just to clarify, although I doubt it is necessary, my comments are in no way meant to be insulting, I very much like your game.

  • Inversion

    Are you joking, I am more that happy about your comments. Keep them coming and thank you once more.

    I've made a new build with the feedback you provided


    • fixed the bug where you can click on 'back' and 'homepage' buttons once you are in "Controls" menu
    • the game should tell you what exactly you need to build a gadget. Fixed the bug where the game told you it needed junk instead of processors
    • probes will not be able to hit you once your health is 0 or below it
    • lavapools will now glow in the night
  • atomoso

    Just checking. You never know.

    I'll have my lady try it tonight, she normally does all my play testing.

  • [quote:3ti1oq5h]Can please explain how you have managed to complete the level without gadgets ( turrets, helicopters ) I am not sure which build you have played as I just uploaded the "correct" one. Maybe you've visited the homepage yesterday as I was preparing it for you guys? Anyway pls give it another try and see if this is still the case. You have to download it again. ( for some reason it takes some time for the browser to detect the new version, so my best advice is to Download it again )

    Well, I did use something to kill the enemies of course (even if I was thinking of killing them with the turrets that are sometime here at the begining. But I was like "okay, they're not spawning everytime so there must be something else.")

    So basically, I just ran. I was running in the lvl for 10 minutes without knowing what I should do.

    (All the waves of enemies were chasing me at the same time, it was pretty huge -and still running in a good frame rate by the way). And at a moment, something spawn, like, a power up or something, with laser beam coming from the sky, and it killed them all.

    So I just finished the first lvl without digging anything or buying turrets and placing them in the middle.

    That is not how I was supposed to do it isn't it?

    I played your game again, and one thing that I noticed (and you know already I guess), is that, more tan being not intuitive, your game is haaaaard x3

    You said you're playtesting by yourself, I think that's where it leads actually. I guess you know your game and how it works pretty well, so you must find the "tutorial without turial - first lvl" really easy.

    But I can barely finish it.

    Specially for a first lvl, it really need to be the basics, even if there's not for now a tutorial, you have to make easier level, and manage to place them in the good order so the player could learn thing step by step.

    I dunno how exactly, but you could give the player a lot of health in first lvls for exemple, to make sure he's not gonna die and say "this game sucks" (Is there anyway to regain health right now? It'd be cool to have health spawning randomly when you're digging for exemple!)

    Oh and talking of digging, I think, to make it more explicit that it makes the player earn some resources, you could add something like "+1" blinking around the current amount of resources when you're digging. Because it can feel a bit like "oh cool I'm digging... And so what? (If the player find out that he can dig, actually, ahah :p )

    I thought a bit about your "constructing turret thing". I saw you put something to stop the constructing, that's good. But escape key, man? Whhhhy? Ahah!

    hm, what about

    _You have to hold the key to construct and it stop if you stop holding the key

    _You have to press the construct key again to stop constructing.

    That would make much more sense I think.

    Coming with this: What about a "construction progress bar" that would tell to the player if it's gonna take long or not. right now it feels like "Maybe I'll finish constructing before I die... Oh no."

    I saw someone complaining about the oil tha makes the player slipping, because he thought it was a buggy direction thing.

    And the reason why he thought that is simple: it feel like it is.

    You may need more visual feedbacks to make this clearer (the oil following the player is quite not clear I think).

    But it actually feels bad basically in the gameplay. Because it's just like, making the player move to the right for ever if he press the "move to right" key just once. There should be something to make the player going slower and slower if there's no imput, it would feel more real!

    As your game is difficult, I didn't even pass the second level or been in more deeper gameplay, but it still feels nice although there's a lot to do here on ballancing, making things intuitive and everything else ^^"

    Keep working! You doin' well!

    I'll play it again when you'll add/correct some stuff again.

  • I agree with regisRquoi on some points, but disagree on others.

    I think the difficulty of the game is pretty good to begin with, games need to be difficult. Maybe tone down just a bit from the start, but the general difficulty is good.

    I think the oil spill is fine. I noticed it looked like oil from the first time I saw it, slipped in it and figured it out right away, I think most players will.

    As far as the building goes, I wouldn't mind seeing a progression bar. Either a small one right above the player, or a larger one somewhere on the GUI. Possibly directly below the health and junk indicator or right above the gadget buttons.

    If you had a progression bar for building, then I think the cancel build could be as simple as moving. If the player is going to get attacked, their natural instinct is going to be to move.

  • Inversion:

    I really like difficulty in games. But not from the begining like this. Maybe I'm bad player, but I feel like there is too much to learn in a single level.

    Of course, maybe when atomoso will add a tutorial, it will be an awesome first level. But in my mind there's too much information to get here and it could be a problem for some player. Of course there's a public for this too, and I'm sure a lot of people would enjoy being learning mechanics in the hard way. But you can lose players by doing this, it can be dangerous.

    But I mostly agree with you!^^ (and moving to stop building might be a really idea cool by the way ).

    For the oil thing. It's not that bad of course, and we're talking about details here.

    The player will get that it's because of oil (at least after several times), of course. But it seems to me that the effect is a little bit weird, that's all ^^ (and I thought it may explain why someone thought it was a bug -but maybe I misread and nobody said that ? In which case it's all fine :p )

  • Really a great game!

    Keep up the good work mate

  • Voted for you on Green Light - good luck!

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