No More Probes - Survival/RTS - [Greenlit]

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  • DevLog #7

    Added some small changes to the game that led to some big effects on the gameplay. Instead of charging the generator while you are close to it, now you have to spend "Junk" and convert it into "Energy". This adds a whole new strategic element to the game, because now you have to choose either to wait and gather more to be able to build gadgets or charge the generator and fight now.

    • new art for processors resource
    • processor resource will now fly to you if you are in range
    • I've added the ability to turn on and off the main generator ( Gamepad Y )
    • generator's lights will consume resource "energy" during night
    • now you need to use "junk" in order to create "energy" ( 1J for 2E )
    • fixed some bugs with generator's animations and created turn on/off anims
    • all new art assets for robot "Clap-Clap"
    • obstacle Magic Chest now spawns gems instead of cherries
    • added new sounds for: convert Junk to Energy, sentry shoot, obstacle-failed experiment shoot, robot destroyed, boss Ghzax beam and rocket shots
  • Are you planing on greenlighting this?

  • @Beaverlicious: Yeah. My short goal is to create a playable Alpha build, so I can share it with you guys, then make a trailer and start my greenlight campaign. I want the public build to contain the first five stage, a Bonus level and the Boss fight, and also the ability to upgrade three gadgets. Once I am done with all that I will be ready for it ( I guess )

  • That's amazing, I love the your art. More enemies and bigger explosion plz!

  • @PixelPicoSean : Thank you my friend. You know what, you are right. I need to make them bigger!

    DevLog #8

    Hi all,

    Long time since my last post, but I had to take a break from the project for almost a month during which I tried to relax and work on other smaller projects.

    Anyway here is the latest updates:

    • worked on the Car for my first Bonus Stage. My intention is to create several of them where I will change the pacing of the game by introducing new mechanics. I want to revisit some of my old favorite games.
    • added a new enemy robot with the working title "The Boomer". Once it is near the player or killed, it will charge up, them explode into four diagonal projectiles. Getting really frantic when there are more of them on screen.
    • added camera shake when an enemy robot is killed near the player
    • dynamic shadows during night
    • new evade skill for the player ( still working on it )

    BTW I am getting close to my public alpha build, so if you are interested in the project and want to try it, please do let me know to send you a link.

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  • Awesome graphics, effects, anims... and gameplay? Looks fun enough

  • procrastinator - Thanks mate. There are a couple of

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    videos on my youtube channel. In the coming weeks I will be ready with a public alpha build, so you will be able to give it a try

    DevLog #9

    I present you my latest "Obstacle" - the Totem

    • By making full circles around it ( native american rain dance ) you can charge it up, up to 5 times. After that the next circle will trigger a thunder attack:
    • if there are robots on screen it will hit one
    • if it is raining and there are robots on screen, it will hit two of them
    • if there are no enemies on screen, there is a 50/50 change for the thunder to hit you ( the player ) or the main generator charging it with 30 energy

    There are only a couple of things I want to implement before I share my alpha build with you guys.

    After that I will focus on my Greenlight campaign.

    BTW can anyone point me to a good article/ thread about that?

  • insanely cool art style! love it.

    Just a nitpick, i notice the hobo is getting blurred when he's drawn at non-integers. Since it's pixel art you might not want that?

  • There are only a couple of things I want to implement before I share my alpha build with you guys.

    After that I will focus on my Greenlight campaign.

    BTW can anyone point me to a good article/ thread about that?

    atomoso Looking good, can't wait to try it out!

    You might find this article helpful: ... t-in-2014/

  • ErekT

    Thank you. I am having a great time creating it, so I am glad it shows. When it comes to the sampling for now I am using Linear instead of Point, because I wanted to have the game running on full screen ( Letterbox Integer scale ). If I use it with Point sampling it looks sharper, but ration gets all messed up. It only works if the art is upscaled x2, x4 and etc.

    At some late stage I will do some experiments with "pixelate" or look for different solution. If you have some other suggestion I will be more than happy to try it.

    ahr Ech

    Me to, I am so eager to read yours and others feedback. And Thank you for the article, that was a great read!

  • This is some serious pro work. The colors are working very good together. Having awesome art is one thing but creating an atmosphere and putting it all together is another, good job on both!

  • Keep it up , keep it up.

  • kraed Thanks for the comment.

    Michaelb Thanks. I am almost ready with the public build. Thanks for the support

    DevLog# 10

    • new obstacle "Lava Pool" is now working
    • if you are in close range to the pool it will shoot a Lava Ball at your location
    • standing over the Lava Pool or the splash from the Lava Ball will damage you or your enemies by -1 every 1 sec
    • new enemy "Beholder"
    • Beholder will shoot two beam shots ( projectiles ) once he is leveled with the Y of the player
    • beam shots can hit the player or other robots
    • rgb channel separations effect is used when damage is taken by the player

  • Hi all,

    Long time since my last post, but I decided to take a brake from the project due to some burnout.

    Anyway, now I am back and here is my latest update on it:

    DevLog# 11

    • added "Evade" ability to the player. While in this short state you are invulnerable to attacks.
    • new animation for robot destroyed
    • new fx for gathering Junk
    • new particle for collection processors and gems
    • fixed bug where unit will get stuck during stage 3
    • all robots now share a common family for their health, thus making them more ease to pick
    • update ingame UI art with FX
    • combined two of the upgrades for Canartche-1000 and increased the damage it deals
    • added new ability for Canartche-1000 to be able to shoot rockets
    • player will get a hint when the bag is full of resources
    • fixed some minor bugs

    Michaelb :Thanks mate!

    I gave up on the idea for a full tutorial for now, as it will take me too much time. I will focus on a single screen describing the core mechanics of the game, so new players can understand what is going on in the game.

    Cheers all

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