Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • meh

    <img src="">

  • Your image isn't working

    vvv Oh there is it. Looks good vvv

  • is now

  • well.. This is what my ghost shooter tutorial turned in to

  • Started this a little while ago:

    <img src="">

    In the same vein as Platform Tool, it's something where you can mess with settings at runtime to see changes right away.

  • Sweet stuff, Mr. Eye!

  • So I just finished up the opacity slider (it only takes three events ) and I just discovered something... particles can't change opacity! Weird that I never noticed that before.

    So, uh... yeah.

    I just made it control the layer opacity instead.

  • They can in the next build .

  • Is the background color togglable? Wouldn't see much of black particles on black background

  • They can in the next build .

    Awesome. I suppose I'll wait to release until after the next build

    Is the background color togglable? Wouldn't see much of black particles on black background

    Yes, the background (and the grid, separately) will have RGBA sliders as well, so you can test your particles on different kinds of backgrounds. And it'll be an open-source .cap anyway so you could always just load an image in there if you want.

    It's not going to have every feature available for particle settings, obviously, because there are a bunch of things you can't change at runtime. For instance, the texture. There will only be a handful of common textures to choose from (gradient ball, flame, sparkle, star, maybe a few others). You also won't be able to test any other effects like Overlay or whatever unless you change the .cap itself. But it's mainly for changing the rate, size, cone and such anyway.

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  • Started this a little while ago:

    Me likes.

    bundle with Construct perhaps? looks REEEAALLLY helpful.

  • Well... it's coming along nicely, (my color sliders work great, and I can switch between fire-gradient and plain-colored particles) but now that I've actually gone through the list of what can and can't be changed at runtime, I'm not so sure it'd be worth it to finish a particle generator tool. There are just so many options that are missing from the actions, and a few of them are rather big, useful options:

    Display Angle

    Size Randomizer

    Display Angle Randomizer

    Grow Randomizer

    Display Angle Turn Randomizer

    Gravity Angle


    Display Angle Turn Speed

    Speed Randomizer

    Opacity Randomizer

    Destroy Mode

    Fade Colors

    Fade Color Time

    That's a lot of stuff that can't be changed. I guess this is a sort of feature request for actions on these settings. That might be a lot to ask for, though, just to satisfy my urge to make a particle thinger.

  • Might as well throw in loading textures.

  • <img src="">

    50% stealth action

    50% "chop 'em up 'till u drop"

  • working on methods to abuse the mesh distort feature ...

    in this case, rotating the mesh freely around 3 axis.

    i'm rather happy to finally have it working & make the 'butt-ugly techdemo screenshot' milestone; i'll publish all the tools once they're finished.

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    the holes in the mesh are intentional transparency :P

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