Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • Working on an action rpg/dungeoncrawler/roguelike/beat em up .

    O_O random dungeon generation?

    I want!

    lots of interesting games here

  • <img src="">

    <img src="">

    yeah... bush looks ugly ... but who cares? we need zombiez!!!111one

    ps. if any one need that grass ...

    <img src="">

  • <img src="">

    Here's my game (Yes I know that Im using other member's engine but I got permission for that and I can assure you that im going to change wall graphics il try to get ceiling and floor to work.

    Now Im having a bit problems with shooting but maybe Il get em fixed someday.

  • <img src="">

    yeah... bush looks ugly ... but who cares? we need zombiez!!!111one

    You forgot bunnies.

  • Since Dave liked the graphics so much, I thought I should post these:

    <img src="">

    <img src="">

    Thanks again to Shvil for making the Overlay Effect working beautifully now

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  • That is really beauitful! Very nice style you have there.

  • is that in-game now? O_O

  • Yeah, it looks exactly the same in Construct. Construct is using a lot of the same algorithms anyway - even the post processing, like the sharpen filter or the color correction is identical. That was the whole idea, to concept and storyboard the game in Photoshop and then bring over the assets to Construct. If you see the runtime and those screenshots side by side, you wouldn't be able to spot the difference. The runtime looks a lot better, IMO, mainly because you get that fake 3d effect through parallax scrolling and image offsetting.

    <img src="">

    And it still runs at smooth 60 fps. I love turning on motion blur, but things go crazy when you use motion blur - like, the transition effects stop working and sometimes you get severe slowdowns. Hope that's fixed with 0.99.

    But motion blur adds something to it that makes the whole thing look like a painting come to life. Motion Blur going grazy and costing quite a bit of performance and the fugly text rendering are the only things that keep giving me headaches now.

    The animation is still quite fake'ish with trees blowing in the wind through the use of sine waves and stuff, but it actually works better than I thought.

    I'll try to make a video of it soonish

    Edit: Cause someone just asked me - The bloom is actually baked into the sprites, so it's not being done in realtime. I've seen some examples of that (like the blur horizontal, blur vertical solution), but ddn't think it'd be efficient.

  • Wow, looks beautiful, would love to see a video! And yes, it's always a good idea to have effects baked-in to the sprite textures rather than use shaders wherever possible - it runs much faster, and lowers the system requirements too.

    Since DirectX sucks at drawing text, the next build has a 'smart text' shader which helps a bit, but if the text never changes, you could just photoshop the text in to a sprite texture (then you can have other text effects and processing too). 0.99's VRAM controls should make the memory overhead negligable.

  • i don't really see any bloom :/

    other than that very nice work.

  • Yeah, Dave told me about the smart text shader and I have high hopes for it

    Are there any examples of the effect online? I'd love to see what it does exactly.

    The reason why the font rendering looking cool is so important to me is because the whole game is based on a narrative that runs along with you - imagine a game like 'Another World' and you constantly get hints on the story and what the player has to do when you reach certain points. And right now, everything looks fine, but the moment text pops up... it's so ugly.

    QuaZi: It's there It's not totally overdone, but if you look at the tree, for example, you should see it.

  • It's just an ordinary shader, so here you go, give it a shot. It's not perfect, but it fixes the horrible blocky look.

  • How does it work? I applied to the effect to the text and tried to change the font rendering in the project itself, but it doesn't seem to do anything at all. It's just as jaggy as it was before.

  • I think it works best for antialiased font rendering mode, you just add the shader to the text object and it improves it a lot. All the shader does is affect the alpha channel like so:

    a = (a - 0.4) / 0.6;

    Basically it expands the alpha range 0.4-1.0 to fill the entire alpha range 0.0-1.0. It's as if the text is rendered with the range of alphas being wrong, squashed too far towards opaque.

  • thomasmahler@ I'm so impressed with your approach. Since the gfx in old demo i've played ( the one that i had 3 fps ) you have improved on the vissual taste so much! I'm waiting with inpatience for your project be relised.

    Ps. i wouldn't mind doing a sountrack for it

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