Post screenshots of what you're working on!!

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  • Since Dave liked the graphics so much, I thought I should post these:



    Thanks again to Shvil for making the Overlay Effect working beautifully now

    using solid blacks when making silhouette games gives a somewhat amateurish feel so i'm really diggin the variety is darks!

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  • Thomasmahler - That is looking gorgeous, definitely looking much nicer than the solid blacks. How are you going about animating the characters?

    Wish i had the guts to try a painted game But i need to structure everything to keep the look consistent.

  • thomas, that stuff looks awesome

    super atmospheric

  • Glad you guys like it. I definitely had to fight with getting a look that's appealing, yet easy to produce, which was a real challenge. The silhouetted style has been used quite a few times now, but I think the style has its own uniqueness now that doesn't seem (too) cheap or copied.

    Going with silhouettes was really more of a compromise going in, cause I knew I'd never finish the game if I'd go with anything more detailed.

    Steven: The characters are relatively simple 3d characters, modeled, rigged, animated in Maya and rendered out with a simple lambert shader set to black - so that all that matters are the silhouettes. Then I take them into Photoshop, scale em down, add the bloom effect and save em as png's. The color correction and sharpen in Construct does the rest to achieve that look.

    The characters in those screenies are still placeholders, the style of the actual characters is a bit different to better match the environments and the story.

  • I'm making an RPG.<img src="">

    Here's the teaser:

    Wow, that's actually pretty cool. Not flashy like the other screens, but because you have a functional party system.

    May I ask if you have it so it can add, and remove party members?

    Good Luck on your project!

  • Wow, that's actually pretty cool. Not flashy like the other screens, but because you have a functional party system.

    You mean the graphics aren't very good??

    May I ask if you have it so it can add, and remove party members?

    Good Luck on your project!

    Thanks! You can get another party member, but the RPG is pretty small in comparison to the 80-hour epics out there, so there aren't very many playable characters. I'm trying to be realistic, and trying to get this RPG done sometime soon. I responded in your other thread about how to set up a party system.

  • So I newly got back to Construct, and I gotta say; I love you guys! Construct is just what I needed to get back to fangaming.

    <img src="">

  • I'm new to Construct and here's what I'm working on:

    <img src="">

    It's a simple platform game inspired by deadeye's tutorial Platform School. Very Nintendo NES-ish.

  • looks good other than the overly distracting background, you might wanna give it less contrast to the rest of the scene

  • Here I am trying to make something too complicated again. What started as an experiment with containers (which are no longer even being used) turned into a one-shot brush painting toy. Told myself if I could get the ink to paint nicely, I'd do graphics for the brush, ink bowl, paper and all that. Unfortunately, despite trying various solutions, I couldn't get it to fill in the gaps made during a speedy stroke. It was fun, but I give up for now. Perhaps to try again some other time!

    <img src="">

  • That looks pretty cool, vrav. Perhaps this will help you with the problem you were having. It will work no matter how fast you make the stroke.

    Painting without line breaks

  • With pen pressure, that would be awesome.

  • linkman:

    <img src="">

    alspal: I agree, it would probably be pretty simple to get a pen tablet behaviour working too. But this I think is still pretty cool; it's easy to paint with the mouse, as you get smooth lines no matter what - the brush lags behind, so it has a sort of slow-moving, "authentic" brush painting feel. Which, with animations and sound effects, could still be fun.

    The way it's programmed at the moment, assuming a tablet behaviour would output the pressure sensitivity as a 0-1 float, it would actually be nothing to just plug it in.

  • Im working on a small platform game project

    It's about a tooth fairy ^^ she is fighting trought the fantasy world and cleaning some monsters teeth for coins so she can exchange them for childern teeths in the real world

  • Wow three are some really cool projects on the up-and-up in here. Nice works guys... keep it coming. I can't wait to see some of these projects in action.


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