Grave Prosperity: Redux

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  • Awesome, thank you!

  • Today we have a couple new images of Gabriel Pryst from the upcoming patch!

    Gameplay footage will be coming soon!

  • This is the Smiler, the latest addition to the creatures of Grave Prosperity: Redux

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  • Hey there everyone! I got a bit of a long winded message and some final screenshots to preface the release of the first official gameplay footage for the patch that's been in the works. It's been a long time coming, but I am very proud of how everything is turning out! Everything from visuals to sound design and controls have all been vastly improved over the original installment of Redux.

    So, to start, you'll notice yet another change in Amber's model. Funny story, actually. Basically once word got around that Miki was being removed from the story line there was a bit of an uproar in my inbox. I never realized just how much people liked her character... Until I got a nice pile of emails that made it nice and clear! Some were more colorful than others, but it was actually very endearing to find how passionate the fans of the game are. Now I still don't get the draw to her character, as she never had enough screen time to develop a good solid personality. Not even back in the RPG Maker XP days. But whatever it is about her, people like it. So since I didn't have much personality to draw from, I decided to just give her image to Amber. Amber is still Amber, she just looks like Miki now. It seemed like a pretty good idea at the time and I hope it makes everybody happy! So here's lookin at you, crazy fans! Haha

    Aaaanybut, the video will be released by the end of the month. What can be expected is a more exploration and story driven game, rather than such a combat driven game. There will still be combat, but not the rage-inducing difficult kind of the former Redux. Gameplay draws a lot of inspiration from titles like The Witches House and The Evil Within. Both amazing games from two very different sides of the industry (Indie and AAA).

    Also, the setup is changed now as well. I initially wanted to do the classic 1990's RE style menu system, but unfortunately it proved to be a bit beyond my skills up to this point. Once I got more than 1 item in the menu things got a bit... Off. That's ok though. I have a much more suitable HUD and menu system running now. The HUD looks very much like The Evil Within's, and the item selection menu is all real-time, similar in looks to the way The Last of Us did it. It's all been tested and it works perfectly, so no worries in losing out on this one.

    Wellp, with all that said, how about some screenshots from the coming video?

  • Looks like the gameplay video got done a lot sooner than expected! So here's the first few minutes of the new patch for Grave Prosperity: Redux!

    Got a little frame drop in 3 spots during the recording, but that was due to my recording software.

    Some things will obviously be subject to change. Things like the title screen and the ending FMV. That was just implemented as a way to end the video. Anyway, I would love to hear all your feedback!

  • I must say, this looks very very good! I must comment on the movement though. I understand that you have limits to your animation possibilities but just missed the natural up-down movement in Amber's walking. In addition that she seems to be moonwalking a bit too much both in walking and running. If you move the character faster, will it be too fast?

  • Thank you! I have tried increasing the speed in the past, but it never seems to look right to me. But this is the most consistent observation made on the movement animation, so I really do think it's just me not seeing it. I'm gonna go ahead and up the speed and see what happens though.

    Or I wonder if the animation speed is just set too fast? I still got a bit to play around with I think.

  • If you look at the feet when Amber moves, you will notice how her feet slide on the ground. I don't think it is the animation speed. That would make her go slow motion and that is not good. The movement speed is good when the feet don't slide when she walks.

  • It's so weird that it's something I've never been able to see before. I'm usually more observant than that. Anyway, I messed around with the speed a little bit and it actually does look a lot better now! I think I was always afraid of the player moving too quickly between screens since I'm a bit limited on how large I can have a screen- length wise. But yeah, boosting it up by 35 was just enough I think. Thank you for the tip!

  • You are muy welcome!

  • Got just a couple small updates to show today. A lot has been getting done, but I don't wanna overdo it with screens and videos just yet! So here's a screenshot and an image, both showing the secondary version of the "Smiler" creature. You might notice it carrying around a very familiar machete? *winky-wink*

    You'll also notice a new Stamina Gauge up top next to the Battery Gauge as well. I'll be posting a short video pretty soon to show exactly how that will come into play while using some new never before seen mechanics to navigate the world!

  • She seems to have a good day. Even if no-one else is having one

  • Oh sure, the Smiler is always having a good time! Especially when no-one else is.

  • Got a short video made today showing some of the new mechanics for the game, and also some of the dangerous traps that will be found in the environments!

    Since the movement has been restricted to left and right, this (not including combat) will help add some depth to the gameplay. If you noticed the stamina bar up top, that will also have a large impact on how you play aswell. Similar to the Souls series, it will keep spamming attacks and dodges at bay. Using resources like stamina wisely will make things much more interesting!

  • The walking and running do look better now

    Don't know if it was just my browser but did I see glitches in some of the jumps/slides? It probably is just my browser. I've had some video issues with it for a while.

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