Grave Prosperity: Redux

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  • Another patch has been made for GP: Redux part 1! Here is the list of additions/ changes!

    Change Log:

    *Fixed Sound bug in Hotel

    *Added Navigation Button (LT or SHIFT)

    *Added environmental effects (Flies, roaches)

    *Added ability to turn around while blocking

    *Changed blood effects (Tweaked imagery, blood now remains on floor for longer)

    *Reduced final boss's HP by half (The fight was too drawn out and made for a tedious experience)

  • DLC "Time To Kill" coming soon!

    The first DLC for Grave Prosperity: Redux titled "Time To Kill" is currently being developed! For anyone familiar with the classic RE3's minigame called "Operation Mad jackal," this DLC will be very similar to that idea.

    Basically you will begin at one point of a stage and have to travel to the end of the stage within a certain time limit. Time will constantly deplete and you will have to defeat enemies along the way to replenish lost time in order to keep on going. The deeper you get into the stage, the tougher the enemies will become. If you run out of time or die, the game will be over and you will lose the points you gained in that session.

    For each enemy you defeat, you will be rewarded with points (similar to EXP) that will go toward purchasing upgrades for future runs through the DLC. As of right now, the upgrades will consist of:


    *Unlocking new more difficult stages to challenge yourself further

    *Increasing max health and guard

    *Increasing attack power

    *Unlocking more healing items

    *Unlocking a Revolver

    *Unlocking a Shotgun

    *Unlocking an Assault Rifle

    *Unlocking a Flame Thrower

    *Unlocking a Rocket Launcher

    *Unlocking Infinite ammo for each individual weapon

    There will likely be patches added to include more playable characters in the future as well. Also, for players who like to gamble with chance, there will be a point multiplier available after completing a stage. If you're feeling brave, you can attempt a second run through of the same stage with the same stats you just finished with. If you succeed in your second run you will get double the points you made from the first run on top of whatever you earn in the second run through. If you fail, however, you will lose all the points from the first run and the second.

    One more point on interest is an online VS. mode is also in the works.

  • Here's a quick little clip posted to show that progress is being made on Part 2!

  • Here are some screenshots from GP: Redux Part 2!

    For Full sized images, view here:

  • Today we have a 3 part playthrough of GP: Redux on the "Hard Mode!"


  • Here's a new gameplay image from Part 2!

  • This is the first actual gameplay video for Part 2, which will introduce Miki, Amber's sister.

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  • NEWS!

    Part 1 will be receiving yet another patch! This one will expand greatly on the combat system, adding in many more attack combinations and counter attacks, and also a grappling ability to perform unique deadly attacks on different enemies. With all of these extra new goodies there will also be a "moves list" added to the pause menu to reference all the different attacks. The list will show the button combinations and a preview of each move they are attached to. I am hoping this will add to the versatility of play styles and of course add to the overall fun!

  • So I have been super busy lately trying to upgrade the game in its entirety. From the combat system to navigation to graphics. Finally I have an image to show what I have been up to since my last posting! Below is a comparison between the graphics of the currently playable version of GP: Redux on Steam, and the version that I am currently working.



    As you can see, graphics have been boosted by a lot, and the backgrounds are no longer fuzzy. Everything is also noticeably larger too. What you can't see is that the game is no longer playable as a fixed camera system. It is now strictly platformer movement (Left and Right only). This has absolved many of the awkward visual issues that caught a lot of flak when the game first came out. This means no more frustrating camera transitions, no more collision issues while fighting, and no more funny looking proportions between the characters and backgrounds. It is taking some time to do since I'm having to re-render everything from backgrounds to sprites, but I feel it is paying off beautifully. I can't wait to get the patch finished and out there for everybody to enjoy!

  • I've got one more image to show off before I get back to the old grind stone! I'm very excited about how the new graphics are turning out so you'll have to forgive me for the constant screenshots!

  • You guys are building this in Construct? Are you using something like Spine or such?

  • Yup, this is still the same Construct 2 engine. I'm not sure what Spine is though. It could be something useful. What is it?

  • It's been a while since I've posted any updates here!

    Some of us may already be up to speed on what all has been going on with the current patch being worked, but for everyone else I have some screenshots and video to show what's been happening!

    PATCH Intro Video:

    PATCH Menu System Rundown:


    Things may look a little different now, but I am actually very pleased with the direction this patch has taken the game. Everything that has led up to these changes can be found here: Starting from October 1st to today. Hopefully everybody digs the new patch work, and the next update will be a short video showing the transition into the darker places of Prosperity!

  • Here's a new wallpaper to kick off the holiday! Happy Halloween everyone!

  • impressive art ^^

    followed on steam. good luck for part2 and 3 release

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