Grave Prosperity: Redux

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    Name: Grave Prosperity: Redux

    Developer: LDC Studios

    Website: graveprosperityredux. com

    Genre: Action/ Horror

    Players: 1-Player

    Combat Style: Live Action

    View Style: 3rd Person 'Faux 3D' - 3D Polygonal Sprites Displayed Over a Pre-Rendered Backdrop With Pre-Set Camera Angles.

    Platform: PC

    Engine: Construct 2

    Minimum Requirements:

    Pentium 4 or Equivalent

    2.8 GHZ Processor (Single Core)

    1 Gigabyte of Ram

    128 Bit Video Card

    Gamepad Controller


    youtube. com/user LDCstudios

  • Looks AWESOME!!!!

  • Looks AWESOME!!!!

    Thank you! It's been a bit tough to get the project noticed since it isn't the usual retro or artsy style game much of the indie community seems to be into right now, but we do appreciate any bit of support we can get. A simple nod in our direction is more than motivating, so thanks again!

  • [quote:qvp8t7e5]"... it isn't the usual retro or artsy style game much of the indie community seems to be into right now...

    I don't understand why an Indie-Game have to use an "retro" or "artsy" graphic-style?!

    An Indie-Game also can use "realistic" Graphics!!

    Indie means independent - not retro or artsy!

    When for example a one-men-group creats a game with C2 and uses "realistic" Graphics, it's also INDIE - 'couse there's no big publisher in the background or an 200-headed-team that works on an game!

  • Retro just sorta seems like the trend right now, (Especially because many indie devs out there grew up around that same era when NES and SNES were the big thing, and they create out of nostalgia, which is cool) but I totally get what you're saying. Hopefully the game will catch fire when the first episode is released though! It was gonna be a paid version at first, but I decided I'm gonna release episode one as a demo for the players, and if they like the game enough I will have the remaining episodes that will follow for sale. The players will still be able to use their save data from the free episode to continue the story too.

  • July 2nd 2014

    After some technical difficulties that basically destroyed all of the content I had been working on up to a point (All model data, animations and even game data), Grave Prosperity: Redux is back on track! Only this time things are a bit different (Or maybe the same?)... While the computer was down I spoke with a number of people who said they would rather see a solid remake of the original game rather than a whole new story all together. It was something I had on a list of things to do eventually, but since I was starting a new slate all together, I figured why not! So now, we can all be expecting a direct remake of the Grave Prosperity from the RPG Maker XP on the advanced Construct 2 engine.


    There has been a ton of progress made on Grave Prosperity: Redux these past couple months! Professional VO actresses Marissa Lenti (Amber Ridge) and Sandra Espinoza (Miki Ridge) are on the project, and the ever expanding Construct 2 Engine has allowed for unbelievable leaps and bounds in Grave Prosperity's re-creation! Things are coming along steadily and a demo is on the horizon! October 31st is the projected date for the demo's release!

  • A demo featuring the mechanics of Grave Prosperity: Redux can now be downloaded here:

    This release is not a full demo! Simply a teaser displaying the new functionality of Grave Prosperity: Redux.

    This release is meant for players to experience the new fluid gameplay of Grave Prosperity:Redux, in comparison to its RPG Maker predecessor. In this release the player will have the outer area of the Asylum to explore while enjoying the newly fine tuned mechanics of the game. Doors cannot be interacted with, and the forest is blocked off, keeping the player within the perimeter of the Asylum. An instruction document has been included in the download to explain the controls available at this point- enjoy!

  • Only 11 day to go until the official demo for Grave Prosperity: Redux is finally released! Thing may be suddenly looking a bit different now... That's because there have been a number of updates!

    Originally Grave Prosperity: Redux was supposed to be a re-telling of the RPG Maker XP's original Grave Prosperity released in 2012. The story was pretty B-movie teen drama-y at the begining and things sort of took their time to really pick up. Wellp, looking at that, and then looking around, LDC Studios decided to take things in a much more direct approach. Direct as in, directly into the darkness the story truly holds. Amber can forget about dealing with boyfriend issues and oddly proportioned hit-men in this game. This time it is just her and a whole lot of evil town to explore. There is still a story, mind you, but it will unfold as the game goes on in order to make way for a satisfying beginning to an unforgettable nightmare. More screenshots and more news will be popping up as the month's end draws nearer. By October 31st, the official complete demo of Grave Prosperity: Redux will be available here:

  • Images will be added here daily until the 31st for the demo's release!

  • Looking forward to the demo, screen caps and character models look fantastic! Really loving the character model shown.

  • Thank you! I hope everybody ends up enjoying the game!

  • Looks awesome, I will download it and give you feed back.

  • Ok, how can i open doors "I'm stuck".

    Did you use 3d max for the character?

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  • Ok, how can i open doors "I'm stuck".

    Did you use 3d max for the character?

    I think you may be playing the old tech demo that came out a while back. That one was just to show off the new combat mechanics and animations. You could run around that whole place but you couldn't enter any of the doors. The actual full demo will be coming out this month on the 31st. Sorry about the confusion!

    For the models I used Carrara 8.

  • This is a heads up for anyone who downloads the demo! This game only supports the controller! It cannot be played on the keyboard! Gamepad is ideal, but Microsoft 360 and next-gen controllers work too. Also, Sony should work fine as well, just keep in mind that the buttons are tuned to an X-Box layout (A, X, Y, B). Already had some play testers complain about this, but it is in anyone's best interest to play this game with a controller. Otherwise it would be like playing any Devil May Cry game on the keyboard (Probably not fun). This was a design choice to keep the controls as user-friendly as possible since the RMXP games' controls were their biggest issue.

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