Grave Prosperity: Redux

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  • Yeah the movement space has been tough to work with since the game is so dependant on large graphics. The next game i make will all be hand drawn, but that will be for another topic faaar in the future.

    What kinds of glitches were you seeing? As far as I know there aren't any. But that doesn't mean i didn't miss something.

  • Frame drops/jumps. But if you didn't see it then the problem is most likely at this end. Like I said my firefox has had some issues with video playback. I suspect the issue being that rather than glitch in animation if you didn't see it.

    If there is someone else who can check the video?

  • I'll definitely have to ask around. Of course the vidoe recording software doesn't exactly do the game any favors either. I'm using a program called Action, and it usually tends to drop the framerate of any video i make.

  • this looks really interesting

  • Thank you! I got more features to show on the way!

  • Game looks great!

  • Thank you, mikewalton206!

    A new feature to GP: Redux is a merchant that will make appearances throughout the game. He will enable you to upgrade your weapons and skills, and purchase healing items for your health and stamina. He's a little less than human though, and always accompanied by his crying infant souls, so doing business with him isn't always the most settling thing..

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  • If he had a second hand boutique... I would not be a customer :S

  • I know a lot of you have been waiting for an update on the new combat system, and I just got the machete implemented into the game! I figured if there was anything worth showing it would be something on that! So here's a couple screens showing the machete in-game!

    Soon I'll have a video showing it in actual combat.

  • Happy New Year, everybody! In celebration of this wonderful first day of the year, I would like to release a sneak peek at some special content for GP Redux's patch!

    Below is an image of one of Amber's DLC costumes. If you remember toward the end of part 1 during her conversation with Gabriel, Amber reveals her extensive military background (Which is still present in the new patch). So this piece of DLC will represent that. And yes, the costume does come with the assault rifle!

  • Wow... I completely missed this until now, and is really an excellent work, good showcase of C2 (and yours, of course!!! ) capabilities.

    Congratulations for what done this far.

  • Why thank you! Like and follow the game on Facebook to keep up with all the most recent updates!

    C2 seems to have nearly limitless capabilities for anything 2D. The guys behind the engine have really outdone themselves with this program!

  • I've been working on a video to show off the extent of the new combat system. Things have been going very well too! Here's a screen from the upcoming video:

  • You sure are talented with 3D! That ?boss? does look pretty mean. When will there be a playable demo/game?

  • Thank you! I'm putting all that I have into this video. Unfortunately I really don't know exactly when the game will be ready. Part 1 shouldn't be too long, so I think I should be getting kind of close to being finished with it. There's just a lot of DLC and extra modes that have to be added in also.

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