Grave Prosperity: Redux

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  • Amber and Miki's final concepts:

  • This is the trailer for the complete demo of "Grave Prosperity: Redux"

    Only 1 day remaining until the demo's release, to mark exactly 2 years since the release of the original RMXP version! I hope everybody enjoys the trailer and enjoys the demo even more!

  • Two years ago the original Grave Prosperity was released for the RPG Maker XP! To keep the Halloween release trend going, the demo for Grave Prosperity: Redux is now available! Be sure to read the description in the link before downloading the game, as it holds important information on the demo and its hardware requirements! To all who celebrate it, Happy Halloween! And to all who download the demo, happy hunting!

  • The demo had a decent turnout over the weekend, so it looks like the project will be moving forward for a complete release! Much like the originals, this one will be released episodically. At the moment it is looking like a possible 3 parts. It could turn out to be only 2, but that will be depending on how in depth Miki's scenario gets. Anyways- things may get quiet on the development end for a little bit, but be assured it is because I am working hard toward the completion of part 1!

    Thank you all for your support and I can't wait to get part 1 up for download!

  • Gawh controller only . Nice intro though.

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  • There have been a pretty good number of people wanting to play it on the keyboard (a surprising amount, really) so I am going to make a version that is keyboard only as well. When Part 1 comes out, there will be two different files to download. One will be the controller version, and the other will be keyboard. And there May be multiple language options to choose from too. I've had a few asking for that.

  • Just curious couldn't you just program it to respond to either keyboard or controller instead of having multiple downloads?? Just asking though.

  • I'm sure there is a way. I'm not very good with Construct yet, so for now I'm just looking at the multiple downloads. If I figure it out then I'll program it in instead.

  • Are you doing this project solo?? But it should be nothing more than setting or to it. So for example if you have script event

    on ControllerButtonLeft down then

    you can just change to something to

    onContollerButtonLeft DOWN or onKeydown Left something along that lines so it just more of adding 'OR' to the current controllers to process key input.

  • Yeah, I always work projects solo. That's also why they take forever to get done. Normally I would add an "or" to it and be done, but there are always more than just one condition in the events that have to run together. When I add an "or" or an "and" it applies it to the entire condition and messes everything up. Is there a way to just apply the "and/or" to a select portion of a condition instead of the whole thing?

  • @PhoenixNightly: I would respond to your PM, but it looks like I don't have enough Reputation Points to make that happen. So here is that screenshot you asked for.

    (Below) This is a door event as it is normally.


    (Below) This is the same event, but with the keyboard command added and the "or" function added.


    My only issue is that it makes an "or" block for everything in the conditions, not just between the controller command and the keyboard command. I know there must be a simple way around this, I just never learned how to do it.

  • Ok what you can do to fix that is first check the controllers then check Amber Stats so something like this

    on GamePad button0
    Keypress A
                            //GAMEPAD BUTTON 0 AND KEYPRESS NESTED EVENT
                             AMBER OVERLAPPING EVENT
                             AMBER ARMED=0
                                                                                            //THEN DO THE OTHER STUFF
    So check controllers once that is true check amber state then run the rest of the events.
  • There are some other areas I see that can set you code easier for you to execute so that it will make developing you game easier on you. Like it seem that you code each door individually and what you can do to make it easier is have a door object with variables to hold the next area to jump her to and like the music to start. That is what I can see so far.

  • I think I might get what you're saying about the keyboard thing? You wouldn't have an image of something similar I could go off from, would you? It's easier for me if I can see it.

  • Was already working on one. I am a visual person also. Manip your screenshot

    So make the controller command then make a subevent that checks Amber.

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