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  • LDC Studios

    If you want, I could make some trailers and the like for you. I actually freelance as a audio/video editor (starting digital effects as well).

  • PhoenixNightly I was thinking about a kickstarter at one point, but because of the music I am using the project would cost far more than I feel like people would be willing to invest in it. I'm talking thousands of dollars for licenses on the vast majority of the tracks. That plus the cost to upgrade hardware and software in order to make the game look even better.

    I got to thinking that if I did put the game out for free, that would make it more readily available for an even broader audience. Granted, if it was paid I was thinking like $1.99 per part of the game, making the complete project $5.97 (Which I think is pretty reasonable). BUT the more people that can play it at their own leisure, the more the game can advertise itself by word of mouth. And what's better to talk about than a game with tight gameplay, good visuals and full cinematics that's for FREE?

    Then of course there is the initial put-off many people will have because of the awkwardly dressed protagonist against the action/horror theme (I know, it's very Japanese. But hey- Mikami...). Some will not be able to bring themselves to pay even $1.99 because of that, but it is compelling looking enough that curiosity will force them to download it if it's for free (speaking for fans of the genre). If they're a fan of the action/horror genre then I have no doubt they will enjoy it and even they will be telling their friends about it and writing reviews. If the game gains enough popularity somebody high up might notice it. If they do- WOOO!! If not- well it was crazy fun times working on it anyway. And I now have a small piece of immortality as long as the internet exists.

    *Whew* That was WAY more long winded than I thought it would be. But yeah, that's the method behind the madness.

    Nesteris Do you have a portfolio I could check out? I don't mind making my own trailers and such, but any good reason to focus more on the game itself is totally welcome here!

  • I don't have a portfolio per say, I do have a bunch of videos you could base my skills on I guess. I mostly do work for videos that I have no idea where they end up, last week I did a pro bono video for some guy who wants to be Prime Minister of Great Britain.

    I'll PM you my vimeo and youtube channel, but I don't have that much videos on them. I'll also give you a run down of my experience level and work history!

  • Well if a guy who wants to be the Prime Minister of Great Britain asked you to make a video for him, that's already saying something pretty great. I know if I was gonna have someone do something like a video ad campaign for me for a position of importance I would probably be looking for the best I could find. I'll definitely be checking out those links and I'll get back to you. Been pretty sick the past couple days so I'm moving a little slow production-wise.

  • I just sent you the PM so read it at your leisure and let me know if you have any questions.

    I downloaded the demo you put up but I haven't hooked up my controller so I've yet to play it.

    I'm really rooting for this game man, we need something like the classic Alone in the Dark and Resident Evil games. And it's really impressive that you set up a 3D game in Construct2 as well!!

  • Thanks I really do appreciate the support! I wish I could say it's a 3D game, but it's only 3D rendered. Maybe some day if the game gains enough popularity it could go true 3D, but that would require a team as I lack the skills to make that happen alone.

  • LDC Studio

    I found this plugin in the forums, you might want to take a look at it!

  • That's a very interesting looking Plugin. I would check it out if there were a trial version. I've had terrible luck with anything relating to 3D game design since I can remember, so I would hate to spend $15 on it and then not have any idea what I am doing. I'll keep it in mind though, just in case I'm ever feeling brave.

  • Nesteris Alrighty, I finally got a chance to check out your work. I would be sending this via PM, but I lack the Rep Points to do that. And I think posting this here is much more suitable anyway, that way anybody who comes across this page can see this as well (Because this deserves to be seen by all). Your work is absolutely amazing! A video in particular that definitely sold me is this one:

    Everything in this video, from your words to the visuals that accompany them is pure poetry and truth. That is nothing less than beauty in its most absolute form, and I have no problems with advertising this even on my own thread. Truly medicine for the soul, seeing a work made with such clear eyes. I would feel privileged and honored to work with an artist and poet such as yourself. Name your price!

  • Nesteris thats fabulous and touching work.

  • LDC Studio

    Wow thank you a lot! No-one has actually described that video so vividly or colourfully before, mostly it's "Great work, uber despressing" something. So thank you a lot for the highlight of my day

    In case the description in the video didn't cover it, it took about 16 days to do, but I came back to it several months later and replaced a few photos with videos and other photos, which is why the one I have on my youtube is different from the vimeo one (vimeo has the newer/better one).

    As for the price, it's negotiable depending on how much you can afford but the boiler plate price is 15€ per hour of work done and I write down what I do and how long I do it for (e.g. Research, recording, editing, export), I can also do some digital effects if it'll make the video better / you want them in the video but that's separately since digital effects is sort of a different ball game from editing (and takes 10x longer).

    Also since it'll be game trailer I'll need a copy of the game to record footage to put in the trailer.

    An important note to remember;

    I can work on a deadline to save on your budget, but if you want the absolute top quality for a video it would be best to let the video take it's time getting made.

    Also, I'll send you what music I used if there is any. I will try to use royalty free music / Public Domain if you want so there's no copyright hassle but if I do use a song that's copyrighted (like in my Exemption video) for a specific mood or effect I'll let you know and you can choose if you want to keep it or replace it with something you want.

    As always, feel free to ask any questions, PM or public. I can provide my email or skype if needed.


    Thank you! A lot of thought, heart and effort went into it. Especially getting the littlest things down so they don't bug viewers (although the narration can still get drowned by the background music from what I hear, use good headphones!)

  • Here is an image of Amber in GP:Redux Part 3

    Nesteris Absolutely! We can figure something out after the game is finished and you've had a chance to check things out. I don't care anything about working on deadlines since I prefer quality above anything else. Now that the holiday is over I am picking back up on my work, as you can see above. If I can, I want to try to have Part 1 complete before the end of the year so I can move on to Part 2.

  • "@LDC Studios"

    Is Part 1 the current game with Part 2 the sequel or is the entire game in chapters?

    I've been making some pretty badass progress with my own game! I got a basic story figured out, which is pretty much all I need for a Metroidvania. Along with the start of the map and more of the HUD done. I just wish I had some artists, I'm ehh at pixel art.

    As before, if you need me for anything I'm just a PM away, I usually check my scirra messages several times a day.

  • The whole game will be in chapters. The demo was for some of Part 1. Part 2 will pick up with Miki's portion of the story. Part 3 will return to Amber's story and then Part 4 will bring everything together and close volume 1.

    I really enjoy pixel art games. I've been playing Symphony of The Night on the PS1 and I'm still way into the style. I haven't done any kind of pixel art work since high school, but I may still be able to make some decent stuff if you ever need anything done.

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  • This is a render of the nursery room puzzle for GP Redux

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