Grave Prosperity: Redux

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  • Well how about that! It worked like a charm! I didn't know sub events could run off the main event. I thought they were just there for organization. That is gonna save tons of time on a lot of different things! Thank you for your help!

  • No problem If you need help with tightening other areas I can help if you want.

  • I am always open to assistance! Hopefully by the time I may need help again I'll have that 500 rep so I can send PMs.

  • This is an image of Gabriel Pryst, a character that has been previously unseen in the story. His appearance will play a crucial role on things.

  • Here are a few more images from Part 1

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  • Spectacular work. Do you have a demo for us keyboarders yet ?

  • Thank you! And unfortunately no... BUT what is going to happen is Part 1 will be released with full Keyboard compatibility! I've decided the game will remain free too, so there will be no risk for players who may be on the fence about getting the game.

  • Looks scary! Turn the lights out...

  • Speaking of scary... I found this video of someone playing Grave Prosperity: Redux and thought it was an interesting watch

    Sounds like it's Italian, so I have no idea what the guy is saying, but after about 7 minutes in some of his reactions are priceless! I love to see people enjoying my work and I hope to find more playthroughs as time goes on! Let's all show MrResetX some love for his support!

  • Here is a clip from Part 1 of Grave Prosperity: Redux featuring the first appearance of the remodeled Berserker!

  • That is a smart marketing move I see a lot of developers do to build their fan base. Give the first chapter and then the following chapters are paid for.

  • I don't even know that I'll be charging for this game at all. The whole thing may just end up being free to play. If people ask for any sort of DLC content to be made then that may be paid for, but other than that it will likely be free. Of course that won't keep me from putting all of my efforts into making the game the highest quality I can.

  • No one seems to be mentioning Resident Evil or Alone in the Dark, this game looks a lot like them in a good way, especially with the fixed camera positions.

  • It's interesting that you say that because I grew up on Mikami's work and it actually does have a huge influence on all of my own work. I don't want to replicate what he's done, but finding stylistic similarities is almost always guaranteed in any game that I make (intentional or not). I'm not just referring to the RE series either, but other titles like Devil May Cry and even God Hand. It is nice to have something I made be compared to something as huge (for me) as RE, even if it is only visually.

  • Alone and the Dark and Resident Evil are great classics to be compared to .

    Ah okay that is a lot of love and investment because I am pretty sure you could do well with a kickstarter.

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