Fry Me Omelettes (casual cooking game!)

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  • Hello! Awesome game creators!!

    I'm ready to present my first & current game. First,, I want to share with you about why I want to make a game like this. Okay, let's begin. (also pardon my English as it's not my mother's tongue )

    'Fry Me Omelettes' is a game that is 'kind of' experimental. My initial idea is to make a SIM game as my first cos It's not lengthy, also I'm that kind of guy who likes to find new ways to do things.

    I know there's a lot of casual cooking games around that are visially stunning, catered to mostly young girls.

    But most of them are very "step-by-step", like instructions. There's no way to lose or do something else, you always end up making the perfect dishes... I don't want that in my game.

    So the ideas is to make a game that is simulates real-life cooking, with plenty possibilities at hand, and is capable of making awful mistakes. (You'll be giggling at your own uniquely burnt eggs)

    I think that's the FUN I want players to have.

    Another area besides the gameplay is the judges/critics system. That's for further entertaining the players by judging their fried eggs...

    I'm not a cooking pro to begin with, and I rarely cook stuffs. I don't want this game to be as precise, or as professional.

    I'll focus on making the game FUN for all ages, pros or not.

    I'll continue the post for my current wip.

  • Its seems like a weird idea for a game, but super entertaining and well executed, good job!

  • Thanks, IndieKiwi! I don't think it's weird at all, I think this is IDEAL for FUN cooking games !

  • Okay, I've put up a demo on my website.

    'Fry Me Omelettes' demo is now available (ver alpha 0.23J)

    The demo is still a bit buggy, running can be laggy using some browsers. running performance not optimized. There's much to improve on...

    I like you to know that there's some elements I will probably put into when it's done, but are absent in this demo:

      - Some Visual Overhauls: items, colorings, BGs...
      - More Critique & Expressions: more funny faces to look at!
      - Random Stuff & Events: Isn't it boring to see the same thing over & over again?
      - Side Ingredients: that's quite a key for making presentable omelettes.
      - Egg Look: This is a BIG surprise element I will put in.
      - More Cooking Items
      - Music
      - Archivement stats: more FUN to replay!

    Things I'll certainly work on for next demo update (next week):

      - a better looking kitchen BG color variation
      - more 'oil-puffed' egg sprite variations
      - minor fixes from 'critics' gameplay
      - some minor fixes by feedbacks

    Please inform me if any glitches or bugs, or other technical problems occuring.

    Also, tell me what you think about this demo! Love.

  • Here's my current WIP screenshots.

    Announcement: The alpha demo will be updated to ver. alpha 0.24K on Mar 28 !

  • Its very cute, got lots of charm for the art. Will it be just eggs?

  • Its very cute, got lots of charm for the art. Will it be just eggs?

    Yes, and I'll make more variations around the egg, like proper omelettes instead of just fried eggs. (ideally)

  • The demo has been updated.


      - Item visual remake: pan, background, 'you failed' sign
      - Added: more "oil-puff" egg visual variations
      - Added: 'win' sound effect
      - Smoother transitions between scenes
      - Bug fixed: shaking eggs on plates
      - Bonus: hidden kitchen color switch

    Please enjoy!

  • The demo (alpha) is now offline, as stated.

    Thank you to all who had tried out the demo!! LOVE!

    I've gathered some valuable feedbacks and have learned something...

    I'll like to write some of my infos & thoughts later.

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  • I'll like to share my stats & thoughts about the 2-week release of my game demo (alpha).

    Here's what I got:


    Social-Networking is definitely not up my alley as I don't use them personally, but I have to do it for game promotions. I may not know the effective ways to do so, so that's about it.

    I have drawn people from Facebook, Scirra forums, direct and the most are from indieDB & Google+. (yet to use Twitter) So here's my 2-weeks visiting stats:

    I find it funny that you have to constantly posting stuff to maintain the number of visitors. (like feeding )

    According to Google Analytics (from posting day till closing day):

    Less than 50 people visited my website , a quarter of them revisited to play, and about half of the people played at least 2 times (ok).

    The average session duration part bothers me. Besides the 2 peaks (they probably played around 4~6 minutes), It seems that many only took a glance and went back. I can only think that either my game is not attractive enough, or they don't have time to wait for the game to preload... (I wonder if my website's bandwidth is fast enough)

    Even though this visiting number was not too bad for a first try, I feel I somewhat did poorly to draw more people into my game. I now know that I have to do a lot MORE info spreading in order to get better exposure & publicity. (yes, better next time ) I think besides making the game more fun & attractive, focusing on creating that "Buzz" around is more likely to draw larger crowds effectively.


    I only got feedbacks from 6 people. But they're all valuable.

    The most commented about how hard it is to get it pass the 2 critics.

    Then followed by need more music & sounds (I'll put some music in it next time)

    About the most comments, I know it's my mistake as the egg 'cooked percentage' did not represent the 'supposed' look & it's slightly off. (The egg starts getting browned on the pan surface but actually it's still not THAT cooked.) This part is easily fixable just for a few tweaks. I hope this doesn't tamper their impression about the game badly.

    Also, some likes my character design, and some thinks it's fun & interesting.

    Thank you for the compliments, it's encouraging!

    Other comments are: monotonous, gameplay confusion, social sharing difficulties on the webpage. The last one is easily fixed. For the 2nd one, I'll put in a simple tutorial picture when playing for the first time. And of course I'll make the game more variable than before.

    On the other hand, I think the current game wasn't quite connecting to people emotionally as I wanted (especially on the critics side), I need to make that part a lot more FUNNIER !!

    So what do you think, am I in the RIGHT direction?

  • Hi again, fellow game makers!

    These couple of months, are what I called: the EXPANSION period. It's the time to do all the important contents and it's so easily get lost in the vast amount of possibility the game can go. The scary part is that you can always think of a new "feature" to improve the game, and it can be relentless! As a result, I felt stuck at technical difficulties and abandoned some WIP, wasting time, feeling overwhelmed, procrastinating ...

    Enough of that now. Here's the progress.

    This is WIP ver. alpha 0.41

    Things I'm adding into the game: (Those are the major ones I want to keep)

    A. Filling Bowl

    Adding a bowl in the main cooking area, filled with ham, onion or carrot shreds. You can choose which and when to mix it with the egg in the pan.

    B. Topping Area

    When you're done frying, you have a short amount of time putting toppings (green herb or ketchup) onto the omelette.

    C. Visual Critique

    Before the judges taste the dishes, they will give reactions & comments based on the egg looks. If the egg not meet their minimum criteria, they will 'reject' the dishes. (also skip their critique afterwards, hence a direct "X")

    Those features will make the game even more better, and It will all take so much time to do. (not counting the dreadful debugging hours ) I WILL do what I can despite my inexperience. I may cut some corners or even emit features that I'm unable to make, I just don't like to rush things up. But now I think I can atleast know- probably in June, about the launching date of my next FMO pre-beta demo.

    Until then, have FAITH in me, thanks & love!

  • After months of development, The egg frying simulation game-- 'Fry Me Omelettes'...

    is now ready for 2nd demo release! (pre-beta version)

    The date of the demo release is confirmed at JULY 25!

    Comparing to the 1st alpha demo on April, The 2nd demo (pre-beta) will be showing most improvements out of the graphics & some gameplay mechanics.

    Major additions to the game are listed below: (as till current version 0.48)

    • more egg variations
    • fillings
    • topping area (or dressing zone)
    • flashing headlines
    • menu interface
    • winning animations
    • options
    • item name showing
    • visual & taste critiques
    • 'rejection time' in judging panel system
    • sounds effects & music tracks (draft only)
    • "ace" & "pass" points (winning points)
    • unlock item system

    Now here are some important features needed to be introduced:

    Random Mode (default)

    The pre-beta demo have only 1 gameplay mode-- the random mode. Mostly you'll have no restrictions at first: a full 5 minutes time and you're free to cook anyhow. But due to more 'play-counts', you're getting random restrictions. Sometimes you get only 3 even 1 minute cooking time, sometimes you need to cook certain types of egg/omelette, so it'll be challenging.

    Fillings & Toppings (dressings)

    There can never be 'omelettes' without them. Fillings can be found around the kitchen platform now, but first you have to 'unlock' them by winning points. After you're done cooking, you'll enter the "topping area" to apply toppings before serving to the critics. Only 2 types of fillings & toppings are available in the pre-beta release.

    Enhanced Critic System

    The unique judging panel's now got even better! The critique mechanism had splitted into 3 steps:

    'Visual critiques', 'Rejection time' & 'Taste critiques'. After the first visual critiques, critics can either reject their dishes, or continue to judge by taste. On the verdict, the critic will give you either Yes ("O") or No ("X"), it functions like the popular 3-stars rating system.

    The Ham/ No Ham Toggle

    This is an important element for those who might refuse any pork/ham in the game. There is now an option to toggle off ham, so you can play the game carefree without the existence of any pork/ham.

    Note: Snouty Plays is humbly respectful of one's choices of food, any misconception or offence to one's personal/cultural/religious preferences is purely unintentional.

    Some key features like the 'Egg look', 'Records' & 'Achievements' will not be included in pre-beta demo, but will be fully implemented in the final release version.

    That's all for the news,thank you very much.

  • My mother will LOVE this game

  • Yo! Malaysian Chinese! Me too, except that I went down to Singapore for my studies

    Haha looks neat. It seems like a really unique concept, and I like the clean art style. Wish I came in time to try out the demo...

    Do the judges have different personalities? If you haven't done so, I think it'll be a great idea, and it shouldn't be too hard to implement.

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