Fry Me Omelettes (casual cooking game!)

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  • A brief update:

    I've just published my game to Google Play! (Yay!)

    basic requirements:

    • Android verion 4.3 Jelly Bean or above
    • most phones & tablets (not available to Android laptop/PCs)
    • not available to 4:3 aspect ratio tablets or phone screen longer than 16:9 aspect ratio
    • high performance devices recommended!

    I will make a proper promotion next week.

    Trailer will be ready then, I promise!

  • A prettier banner for Google Play version of my game.

    click on the picture to Google Store page.

    And also the TRAILER!

    Let's hope it don't get taken down because of the music.

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  • Hi again, Scirra members!

    It is confirmed that there will be update for Fry Me Omelettes. (ver1.3, probably the last major update)

    This new update will not go for graphic improvements or any new features... only to fill in what's left which are supposed to be added... to make it more complete than ever.

    (*the new update will only be available online-- on Kongregate, around early December.)

    Sorry but no new mobile version, for there's technical difficulties releasing new version and I want to hold that off for now.

    Now, continuing the development.

    • Current version: Post Release 1.2.7
    • New Challenge added
    • New Unlockable Ingredient
    • New Critiques added

    The New Fillings

    The 4th and final addition of the ingredients (fillings), Mushroom is a good choice for a vegetarian diet!

    Actually, I was supposed to draw sliced mushrooms that are bigger like real-life, but I just thought smaller mushrooms looked better, so it was done... A bit unrealistic but well... I hope you'll like these drawings. ;P

    By the way these mini mushrooms really looks like Shimeji mushrooms.

    In game, The mushrooms are raw when you just put in the pan. You have to cook it a bit longer than the usual carrots & onions. Brown color is the indication of the mushrooms are now okay to eat.

    Cooked too much and the mushrooms will turn bitter and many judges won't like it.

    Veggie Mushroom Sunnyside Deluxe

    This is a new 'challenge' for the game. One final add-on challenge.

    I already running out of ideas in ways of cooking the egg/omelette(within my coding limitation), and I don't want the new challenge to be too similar to other challenges. So this is the best i can think of, a bit unoriginal:

    A combination of making a sunny-side up, with adding 2 fillings together.

    ?I hope this challenge will be interesting enough for you.

    So that's all for now.

    This update is near completion only with a few new sprites & debugging left.

    Few weeks left to go!

  • Ver 1.3 has updated!

    Play it now on Kongregate.

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