Fry Me Omelettes (casual cooking game!)

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  • Hello, Nixel ! Glad you like my style! I see you have unique alien platform game as well, keep up the good work!

    Well yes, all critics have their own ways of criticizing , as well as different preferences for food. Some like it strong flavored, some don't, and some don't even care at all!

  • Here's the "advertising board" for this upcoming demo release! Cheers!

  • Needing more time to prepare for the next demo and website, I have to postpone the release to another week later.

    Also, even though the demo not even near complete, i'm now making a simple 'teaser' trailer to draw more attention. (Just started only, WIP screenshots may be posted here later)

    This is the announcement banner.

  • Teaser video is near complete, you'll be able to see it soon.

    Here's some of the footage.

    (It couldn't be any simpler sequences, but then again-- it's just a 'teaser'!) <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

    Updated 7/23:

    Here's the link to the video.

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  • 'Fry Me Omelettes' Pre-Beta Demo is updated. Yes, it's already in hosting.

    I didn't let people know it right away because of some serious glitches I had to fix days ago.

    Now the game is functional. (In most cases)

    If you see any serious glitches, or game stopping at some scenes, please let me know. (don't mind some of the small ones) I will make fix updates if serious problems are found.


    *ps: there will be another update (v0.59.4) on Sat/Sun. It will be added in some missing features.

    Come & play!! (click on my left signiture! )

  • The game has sort of a "Trial-and-Error" gameplay, that applies to the food critics' preferences.

    It should be easy to win 2 critics.

    To win an 'Ace' (win 3 critics), it's easier than you think: make sure the egg is fried into bright looking color, and keep your seasonings & dressings at minimum. She does not like strong flavor.

    Sorry again if you encounter scene hangings during 'Visual Critique' section. (also on some of the 'Taste critiques' of the girl critic) I'll try to reduce the problem as much as possible.

  • A new demo update banner.

    It's much better now so try the game! (has less glitches of course)

  • Art looks good...would like to try it...

  • FMO demo update. (actually ver 0.59.55)

      Fixed "Magical Ham" glitch 100%
      Reduce most lines from the font sprites.

    I wonder if someone had won 3 times & unlocked the 'ham' & 'random criteria mode'?


  • The demo's closing date is getting near.

  • After 23 days, my 2nd demo hosting of 'Fry Me Omelettes' has came to an end.

    I will write a brief report soon on how the viewings had turned out. (unfortunately it won't be as detailed as the last one's.)

  • (Err.. sorry... take a bit long to post this )

    Here's a short report of the 2nd hosting of my game demo.


    So far during the hosting period, I do social media linking, posting promotional banners, to 6 Google+ communities, 5 Facebook Groups, 2 few picture & a couple news updates on IndieDB, update postings on Scirra's forum, and a post on 'PlaymyGame' subreddit. It was about twice the exposure than last time, but isn't much effective. (still sucks)

    Also, I got a game teaser video prepared on YouTube, hoping to boost--maybe a little-- of my game's popularity.


    First off, Google Analytics didn't work on my site's visit counts, unlike last time..

    So I use hit counter instead. This is the screenshot just before I closed the demo:

    The number should be a bit lower as It didn't filter out my own visits. I figured that actual visits (not counting mine) were probably around 160~170. (compared to about 90 on the first hosting)

    A bit disappointed cos' I failed to meet my goal of 300 visits for this demo hosting. (even with an extended week!)

    That indicates that my "online promotions" during the period is not as effective (and also not enough). Yet this is a good thing, as now I know clearer that... promotion requires more than I imagined. More effort (at least 3x times) should be put in promoting the game next time.


    This time I got even fewer feedbacks online, no negative ones, but also no constructive feedbacks whatsoever.

    I did have a few insightful feedbacks when observing my family members playing the demo. One thing's for sure, is the first 2 critics are too easy to pass, and the girl critic too 'picky' (which I intended). I need to make Irwin (the 2nd critic in the middle) a bit more challenging, and also constructive (critique-wise).

    Other feedbacks such as not much stuff can be added into the egg, or music a bit 'bland', will definitely be improved in next release version. Also, bugs and glitches such as 'overlapping critiques' & 'screen hangings' are present in the demo. I'll have to fix those too.

    From this experience, I believe that I just didn't work hard enough. I kinda know that my game didn't impress much people, or, this type of game genre is NOT attracting most web-gamers. So I guess that: besides the promotion/advertising , I'll need to work on making the game even more attractive, by making a more attractive trailer, and also adding more NICE features into the game. I think 'making it pretty, wowing the crowd, creating the buzz' would be the motto of my next promotional approach.

    That's about it. I will continue my game's WIP around October. (would like to take a break to do other creative stuffs.)

    I will be coming back for more updates soon!

  • I don't think I would've closed the demo, when you're game isn't more famous already. If people hear about your game now, they want to play it. And if they don't find it, they will most likely forget about it. So my advice would be to keep the demo up, with a release date for full version. I think the game has potential, so good luck!

  • Thank you janlindso & your thoughtful comment!

    Good luck on your own game too!

  • Oh gee... I kinda 'neglected' the forum for a while. But that doesn't mean I've halted my project. (just take my time slowly, but a bit too slow.) Anyway, I should be updating my game WIP as usual from now on. (1~3 posts per month)

    On the 'egg-look' drawing part: Here's how it turns out so far...

    The 'fluid' like ketchup is made possible using this wonderful effect plugin by Animmaniac .

    I've postponed this drawing work lately: I must say that I'm not satisfied with some of my egg drawings & i might redraw them later. Now at the moment, i'm coding the part of 'Record'-- a new system to view your recently attempted eggs/omelettes. I like how it looks so far.

    That's about it. Y'all have a good one!

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